"Waiting For My Ruca (with Awol One, Josh Fischel, & Transducer)" as written by and Bradley James Nowell....
"This one's going out to all my heartbroken thugs"

On the east side
That's where I met my Ramona
"Ok, now, we're going to change the pace"

On the east side
That's where I met my Ramona
"I wanna go to a party"
That's what she said
Lonely, That's what I've been
"Here's my telephone number call me"

East side where the girls are fast
Tight jeans show lots of ass
I love the ladies who got some class
Love you baby til it just don't last
It's all in the past

My ruca got me waitin'
and the truth is I'm debatin'
If I'mma hang around here much longer
Waiting for my heina with a Heineken
Tryna decide if I'mma buy Ramona a Corona

She wants to have this dance
Call me
She also has a friend
Call me
She saw you on the hip hop show
But never thought she'd see you walk through that door

The parties were meant to be crashed like
Her waist was meant to be grabbed
She loves the way that we rap
But I ain't really doing nothing
Just running my track

To a party
A house party
Oh let the people
Just rally round me

And love
She sent a message of love
She said "I love up the way you move,
I love the way you rap"
Ramona please step back

Now she's my ruca
I'm barely waiting for my heina

Rally round, feel the sound
Pulled up to the party like a washed up celebrity
Waiting for the homies to get back from a beer run
Pushed a circle into a square
Shapeshifting like nobody cares
Drunken vandals playing Sublime records
While your ruca always has you waitin'

Hot boxing in a car full of females
Spread the legs in so many ways
She don't care about politics or religion
She just wants to hold you til Armageddon

Well play that song that we both dig
And then make yourself useful and pour me some whiskey
And when you move, please stay in touch with my touch

She moved from Long Beach up to LA
Right now she's selling oranges by the freeway
I wanna know, Ramona am I the only one tell me
And she said "You are the only one,
But the best is Bradley"

"Haha dude did she really say that?"
"Aww don't cry"
"It's cool...she's right"

And now I'm waiting for my ruca
I barely pulled up with my heina
I know tonight I'll be behind her
Don't fuck around with my heina

"See I'm from the West Side but I'd love to travel down to see ya"

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Waiting For My Ruca (with Awol One, Josh Fischel, & Transducer) song meanings
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    My OpinionCan't believe nobody's comment on this yet. It's my favorite track offa "Look at All the Love We Found".
    I think is line is obscenely cute:

    I wanna know, Ramona am I the only one tell me
    And she said "You are the only one,
    But the best is Bradley"
    funkymonks11on November 26, 2008   Link

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