"The Operation" as written by and Jarvis Branson/dunckel Cocker....
I want to explore you
I'm gonna get under your skin
So you can feel me running through your veins

I want to examine
Every inch of your frame
The pressure points that cause your joy and pain

Our love goes under the knife
There is no room for doubt

Now I'm inside you
My hands can feel their way
Further inside than I have ever been

Now I can really
Mess around with your heart
And fill it to the brim with broken dreams

Our love goes under the knife
Two lives may be saved

And if I pull this off
I'll refuse the Nobel prize
Instead I will look into your eyes

If I pull this off your whole body will be mine
And I'm prepared to work throughout the night

Our love goes under the knife
Nothing is taboo
Here on the cutting edge of science

Too much information
I feel I'm getting lost
Absorbed into the fiber of your soul

Deep within the abattoir
Of your entrails your insides
Lost in you forever far from home

Our love goes under the knife
Someone got too close

Our love goes under the knife
The heart was rejected by the host

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"The Operation" as written by Jean Benoit Dunckel Jarvis Branson Cocker

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., SHAPIRO BERNSTEIN & CO. INC.

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    General Comment I guess the Song plays with the Idea of an Open Heart Operation and the Stages of Love. It talks about the begining, the exploring, the new feelings. The initial desire for the body of the other person. Then she starts having power over her partner and plays with her mind ( Heart ). He is already Open " There is no Time for doubts " now.

    At the moment of " Two Lives May Be Saved " she is totally playing with the Idea of a transplant that saves lives and with the Idea of that two people finding the " ONE " in each other. She implies that she has been very skillful making the guy fall for her, so she played it so great that she would deserve a " Nobel Prize " ( And of course you can earn yourself a Nobel for trying ans succeding in performing a new kind of Operation ).

    " Nothing is Taboo " " Cutting Edge " ... Well... In Love , there are no rulez, all that line of thinking...

    I guess she implies with the end that they split up and that the " Operation " was not succesful.

    BBEroson December 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentLove this song. Can't believe it doesn't have any comments already. But eh, I am alone with the sadistic things I love.

    I feel this song portrays are girl (or guy eh) controlling another through sex.

    "If I pull this off your whole body will be mind
    And I'm prepared to work throughout the night

    our love goes under the knife
    nothing is taboo
    ...her on the cutting edge of science"

    However, I think the song is a bit obscure, so it's meanings can be ambiquous.
    YourEuphoriaon April 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentCertainly among the sexiest songs ever, I like her metaphor of love as an operation, it's at once disgusting and charming.
    indie-YYYon October 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe first time I heard it, the final line made my jaw drop. "The heart was rejected by the host" - this seems to reveal that the song is not describing a medical operation, as it appears on first listen, but the preparation of a meal...
    Geissleron November 27, 2009   Link

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