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refined sugar is white cuz it's processed through bone.

in 5 years all the meat you eat will be cloned.

like it or not someone in china died for what you own.

as long as 1% control the money, water and throne...

overweight fathers wonder why children stay stoned in hundred-thousand dollar homes

and cars that break down when they pay off the loan.

while the rotten pilgrims & indians wrestle in their graves,

choking each other out for who gets to keep the loam.

syringes on beaches covered with layers of toxic foam.

millions die by oil while alternatives are known.

mothers learn to argue with their daughters on jenny jones.

give 'em forty hours a week, time's the only thing you own.

spend eight hours working, the other six on the phone.

think it's bad to masturbate, but it's much worse to be alone.

at that point you might think everything you know is wrong.

while the news says stay scared, old women stay home.

little girls get birth control pills, boys get gi joes.

its effeminate to be sensitive so we strive to be capone.

as long as you go to heaven, it's ok to be a drone.

drink another animal's milk, it'll give you strong bones.

the emperor implies evil with stereotypical racist terms,

kids grow up with attention deficit disorder,

cuz intelligent people become hyperactive in radioactive zones,

under-stimulated so sometimes get sent home.

now the social worker recommends a head examination,

father gets "health benefits" cuz safety is a concern.

but the shrink gets kickvacks from pharmaceutical firms.

the baby's mind is turned to mush and now will never write a poem.

every five minutes another multitasker is born.

with eyes galzed over reaching out into his new tomb.

ready to join the workplace, the child is so young and strong.

make 500 dollars a week, then give a third to the throne.

there will be no records or ticket stubs when voting goes electronic.

the only thing democratic is they pick who we bomb.

why'd we bomb saddam? we could have bombed ariel sharon.

cnn plays the fiddle, why my country burns,

pray they hear us screaming... live from rome... ain't nothing wrong...

bags under our eyes because our tears need homes...

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