"It Took The Night To Believe" as written by and Gilbert O'sullivan....
Perverted within a viewing
Standing alone
It took the night to believe
The beacon lingers
Come to grasp
To the edge of Orion
Repeatedly defiling the wind's daughter
Cry yourself to ash
What is destroyed by fire
A perfect silhouette
Dilates full
The withering egg
Cloak thyself
In salutations of crescent eye


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It Took The Night To Believe song meanings
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    General CommentThis was my first taste of Sunn 0))). As soon as I heard it I loved it. I'm currently trying to get my friends into it but they don't like the whole drone thing so I'm giving up...

    To me, this will always conjure the image of a lone maiden standing atop some cliff edge, watching helplessly as evil spirits cleanse her village below her with fire. Now that I've seen the lyrics, I believe the evil spirits are conversing amongst themselves what to do with the maiden....

    (after 5 mins of re-reading the lyrics over and over again)...

    Maybe for the evil spirits to actually exist, she has to believe in them, and so they are urging her on so they can exist and create more chaos in this realm?

    Ahh either way it's a very cool song by a band (band??) who are very deserving of the publicity they are recieving lately thanks to the success of the collab with Boris, and will forever remain my first experience with this monstrous entity of noise.

    Maximum volume yields maximum results.
    shadowsilenceon March 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI personally think this is about masturbation.
    Redbiddyon April 06, 2009   Link
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    General Comment I didn't even know there were lyrics to this song. It just sounds like noise to me. This drone music is kinda weird, but it does seem to open the mind in some sense. I paint images with the music and their quite terrifying. So points on that. As for the lyrics... They just seem stupid.
    Disgaeaon February 08, 2009   Link

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