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Fraudulent miracles, make miracles sinches
The rice paper princess gets two for her flinch

Fuck you

In the midst of the perfection
The rain on the parade
Made this crowning day
The horns on the hood of a saint

Fuck you

"And never the two shall meet."
Said the tiger to its greatest fan
"The amount of love you wish to give is more than I can stand."
And now you leave me in defeat
Leave me a battered, broken man
The amount of love you wish to give is more than I can stand

Now I have you where I want you
I know that you are listening
This is my chance to tell you everything

Fuck you

My chance to tell you I love you
But I've waited too long
Now the record's over
Now the record's over

Fuck you again

Lyrics submitted by Haunted Devil

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    General CommentI love this song so much! I think that it's about a relationship with an overwhelming amount of love and how it ended badly. I fucking LOVE Daryl Palumbo so much, you have no idea...
    Roxstar Barbieon January 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think you're wrong. This song is about circumcision.
    Tommy Pakkoon January 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the girl who Daryl is singing about throughout the entire album. Or the one who springs into YOU'RE mind whilst you're listening to. Everyone I know tends to channel this album and it's emotions to one person. And as bitter and sour and "you fucking whore!!" they are. Really they are feeling that way because they care/love so much about that person.

    That is what this song is about. It's Daryl saying despite what I said I still love you! I'm anger and don't know where to put it, so I fired it all at you. And even though it's probably too late, I want you to know.. I. Love. You.

    In other words the perfect conclusion to EYEWTKAS.
    mat35on May 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentmat35 has got it down so right. This song comes in at the end of "Motel of the White Locust", and it's so haunting.

    I feel the same way because I really messed things up with someone I cared about, and I got angry at her sometimes and she really took it the wrong way. I still care so damn much for her...and I want her to know that I love her. I really only get angry because I care for her and I feel so lost without her around.
    lendmeyourbrainon July 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is perfect for the last song on this album. When people hear GlassJAw and they think, "Oh, this is just horrible screaming, hardcore evil, and jealousy." I point to this song. One because this song shows that jealousy is a natural feeling, and the only time Daryl is calm and using his head is in this song, but despite that he is still pissed with the "fuck you"s. It makes this album almost like a novel in the way you have to listen to the whole album in order to fully understand. It's kinda weird, because the person I think of the most for this song used to hate GlassJAw when we were together because she never understood the lyrics. I'll just stop right there because I could write a whole essay on what this song means and how it's so great at the end of this album, but I won't.
    OrangeVerdancyon August 19, 2008   Link

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