I put a hex on the telephone line that brought your voice to me
disembodied and cheapening everything it used to mean
when you said "the truth will set you free"...
oh, you lied to me when you said "the truth shall set you free"...

the freedom..
to be alone with the freedom...

thursday, 10pm... the city abounds.
the city of daughters can't be found where ought to be found.
relegated to the back of an underclass.
you always hated the back:
an attack in its purest form, an attack that's forever forwarned...

i put a hex on the telephone wire in hope that the spires
of communication might take a leave of absence...
expectations confounded when the girl became grounded and packed her bags
for the beaches with contacts and breaches of contracts...

and the freedom...

Lyrics submitted by Sunset Rubdown

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    General CommentThe freedom to be alone with the freedom.

    Beautiful sentiment driven home with the seemingly straightforward and repetetive chorus. It turns out to be so much more when you really think about it though.
    TheAbsolutionHowlon June 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commentin the bible (i forget which part) they say somthing along the lines of if you accept the truth it will set you free

    but he also mentions a girl in it who he undoubtably no longer likes
    i figure that this song is either about a girl that tried to get him into religion and it just messed things up and he curses her now
    or that the girl symbolically represents religion which he now curses
    Sunset Rubdownon September 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti agree that this song is about the speaker addressing a girl he no longer likes, and yes the whole religion argument does seem to go with the line, "you lied to me when you said...". But more importantly, this song is about the speaker being selfish, not wanting to share... "the freedom to be alone with the freedom": he just wants to be alone for the sake of being alone. And at the end of the song, it should be: "...packed her bags for the beaches with contacts," not contracts the first time. He says beaches with contacts and then breaches of contracts. I think this may be referring to the ex-girlfriend who's left him, going on a vacation to get away or somethin, and "breaches of contracts" seems to be like breaking a restraining order, not sure how that fits into the equation. anyway, thats what ive got so far.
    thirsty_thursdayon September 14, 2008   Link

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