"Unlimited" as written by and Ramble John Krohn....
Yo, yo, yo... hold up man
Lets take it back to fundamentals, back to basics
Too many cats out there just rapping, running your trap
You lack the fundamentals, man
You trying to go all the way to Z
Forgot about A through X and why, you know what I'm saying?
The why is very important. We're gonna splash y'all like this

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We got beats... unlimited
Rhymes... unlimited
Styles... unlimited
Now that we got yaw listening'
Soul Position in the place to
Just two turntables and one emcee

People like my music, but say I talk too much
They used to say the same thing about Flag and Chuck
Every revolution starts with somebody loud
Somebody got to throw the first brick from the crowd
My momma used to tell me to speak my mind
So why would I change over beats and rhymes?
But some of ya'll change very LP
Now you gangster, you used to emcee
Or maybe you the art fag nose in the air
Or maybe you the double-time down-south player
I can't forget my abstract star track naggers
And fake battle rappers that only use written
Ill what you see when you watch it from a distance
And how many people out there are really hypocrites?
Anything different they dis it, but Soul Position
(Pause) still be keeping it exquisite


I throw water on the crowd if the show ain't hot
Stage dive and don't care if you catch me or not
And make it look like I really meant to hit the floor
But when I'm laying on the ground I start spittin the raw
Even with a broken leg and a fractured collarbone
I won't let no other rapper touch my microphone
What ya'll motherfuckers laughin at
I'm trying to make sure my show stays action packed
Five dollars at the door get splashed with raps
Women pay two-fifty if that ass is fat
I ain't trippin', I'm trying to provide (?) some incentive
Decrease the hard (?), let's increase the women
Sometimes I write rhymes just to get girls naked
The only MC keeping it real enough to say it
So while you looking for the next jockstrap to play with
Me and RJ gon(na) be leaving with the girls that you came with


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"Unlimited" as written by Ramble John Krohn

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