Jesse Lacey had not long before the release of the album The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me been left by his girlfriend which he also proposed to, though she said no....
She was just 17,
Pious and pretty with a deadly disease,
And the weight of the world on her prosthetic shoulder,
And by the summer of '96,
Her body was cracked like porcelain,
Just like some precious moments collectible,
In a hospital gown and a big bright golden halo...

And so three cheers for my morose and grieving pals,
And now let's hear it for the tears that I've welled up,
We've come too far to have to give it all up now,
We live lives that are rich and blessed,
And we'll burn for how we transgress...

Now I've mastered the art,
Of the open casket prayer and the singing guitar,
And I've found the rewards weren't half what I'd hoped for,
And meanwhile we all feigned hope and nerve,
As her parents went on and lied to her,
All about the success of the surgeries,
And how my ex-girlfriend was now sleeping with her fiance...

And so three cheers for my morose and grieving pals,
And now let's hear it for the tears that I've welled up,
We've come too far to have to give it all up now,
We live lives that are rich and blessed,
And we'll burn for how we transgress...

If there's any justice in heaven,
Then God won't let me in,
He'll lock the gates and take my weekend pass away,
For this impathetic wait they'll see me off,
Reserve my golden crown while I am cursed to walk the earth for a millennia,
I know I deserve worse but it terrifies me and I can't take it anymore...

And so three cheers for my morose and grieving pals,
And now let's hear it for the tears that I've welled up,
We've come too far to have to give it all up now,
We live lives that are rich and blessed,
And we'll burn for how we transgress...

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"Untitled" as written by Vincent Accardi

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    General CommentI think this might be a statement about the demos that leaked in January, hence the generic 'Untitled' (all 9 tracks were, of course, untitled).
    In a recent interview with Kerrang, Jesse commented on how the leak had upset and angered him. In the official forums, a lot of members have been speculating about how "scary" this song is- some have even said it contains low bass notes that instill fear in the listener.
    Perhaps this is Jesse's response to those responsible for the leak and even those who downloaded it. The quality of the recording is quite poor, a lot of people have discovered voices and laughter in the background and, all in all, it's quite messy (random harmonics, feedback, words repeated in a strange tone).
    Remember, in 'Failure By Design', Jesse sung the words "We
    don't believe in filler"- if this messy arrangement of feedback, guitars and voices is not filler, it must have some significance.
    $habon December 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always believed that he said "I could never love you"
    I think it's wonderful that everyone thinks different things.
    We all hear what we can relate. Whether it be I could never miss it, or listen, or love you, or lose her, or love her, or whatever. That's why I love this song.

    Just my thoughts.
    KKatieMAYHEMon October 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIf, in fact, the lyrics are:

    "I can never love you

    I can never love you, I can never reach you"

    1- I am pretty sure I hear Jessie crying (00:46) following with someone saying, "It's gonna be alright."
    2- This sounds like a distorted voice mail message from, I'm assuming, his now former gf. Speed up the beeps and tell me what you think.

    Just throwing in my .02
    UnoriginalUsernameon February 05, 2011   Link
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    General Commentwow...
    wienerson November 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI imported this song into Audacity and was able to split each stereo track so that I got one which just the vocal and ambiance and one which was the guitar. She is definitely saying "I can/could never lose it". At certain parts in the song it is either sped up or slowed down, but that is what she is saying.
    cowboyupinblueon December 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell, played backwards it seems to do this:

    This never ends no
    This never ends no
    This never ends no this never ends
    Spittermanon December 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAs confirmed by the people who have manipulated the track, it is indeed 'This never ends...' or something along those lines.

    First of all I will point out the blinding obviousness of what this entails to those who don't seem to get it:- Anything that you can hear being 'said' when you play the track like normal is mere coincedence, even if the band intended for this when they released the record or not.

    Secondly, it is a sample. This means technically there are no lyrics as it is not recorded vocals, but a sample imported into the track and edited therein (octave shift on the first two times it is used, the fade in when the 'sequence' first starts and wave stretch every fifth time on the 'sequence'.

    Finally, IT IS NOT JESSE WHO IS SPEAKING ON THE SAMPLE. It is somebody else, maybe from an answering machine like somebody suggested. Whether or not this sample was recorded with intention for use on this record or it happens to be a message somebody left for Jesse (or somebody else) on an answering machine which the band decided to use is up for discussion, unless the band have said in an interview.

    As for the meaning of the song, I believe it is up for personal interpretation. The band know that 99.9% of people will never bother to listen to it backwards and probably intended to create this sort of debate between people who have listened to the track. I personally thought it was 'I could never listen' when I first heard it. I think some of the suggestions people have made such as it being a message to the people who leaked the original demos are viable though it may also be possible that the band decided to leave it untitled so as to not create any discussion about the meaning of the song, therefore, as I said, to leave it upto the interpretation of the listener. I'm glad to say I avoided the leaks as I know myself how infuriating this can be. I believe the person on the sample may be a friend of Jesse's who passed away and he happened to have a message from them on his answering machine so they used it. It is obvious, however you view it, that this is a very emotionally charged song.
    THHJon December 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn my opinion (and I think it's actually posted on some sites) he said "I can never love you/I can never reach you". I LOVE this song - the fact it's so unrefined and rough just makes it all the better, and leaves it open for even more interpretation.
    satans_soulmateon December 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI played this one backwards and got the same (this never ends). It sounds like Jesse's voice by the way...

    Anyways, seeing as the whole album's about the Devil and God Raging Inside and about how he's always have to come back to God in repentance to me says that this song is him saying that he wishes that this would just end. He wants to grow out of it and mature beyond stupidity and stuff.
    UZeroHead2on December 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFirst off, what is being said playing the track forward is clearer and obviously the opriginal track, not the backwards one. If either is a coincidence, it is the backwards track.
    Second, It's not just a sample, he's singing it in a sort of whispery tease.
    Third, it is Jesse, it's extremely obvious that it's Jesse repeating "I could never miss it" if you just turn off the right speaker.
    Arteron December 21, 2006   Link

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