"Not the Sun" as written by Jesse Lacey and Vincent Accardi....
Please don't be technology
So I can turn up your love like some cold machine
Don't feed me scraps from your bed
I won't be the stray coming back just to be fed

I'll be wait
Come and seal the fate, Marie
Just pretend that you want me
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my babe
To be my

Well don't be that note I can't hold
Well don't be that joke that I told and told 'til it got old
Don't be that hand 'round my throat so I can't breath
Say you're my friend but why won't you be my family?

And if you break
Just don't tell me
To be my babe

To be my dream
Tell me you know what I mean
(Prove me wrong)
You set on me but, you are not the sun
You are not the sun
(How do they know where I am?)

(Burn it down)
Outside your cold lips again
You set on me but, you are not the sun
You are not the sun
You are not the sun

So let's pretend that you love me
And be my bait
To be my bait

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"Not the Sun" as written by Vincent Accardi Jesse Lacey

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    General CommentLyrics taken from Brand New's own site:

    Please don't be technology
    Cause I can't turn off your love
    Like some cold machine

    Don’t feed me scraps from your bed
    And I won't be the stray coming back
    Just to be fed

    Don’t be waves
    Come to seal my fate, marine
    Just pretend
    That you want me
    And be my babe

    Don’t be that note I can't hold
    Don’t be that joke that I told
    And told
    Till it got old
    Don’t be that hand around my throat
    So I can't breathe
    You say you're my friend
    But why won't you be my family?

    Well, if you breed
    Just don't tell me

    Be my babe.

    Be my serene
    Tell me you know what I mean
    You’ve set on me but you are not the sun
    And you will not listen
    8034on September 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentYeah I think Jesse is telling a girl she needs to realize she isn't God's gift to earth... You're not the sun. You're not the center of the universe. You aren't really that great at all.
    JesseLaceyIsGodon November 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a girl who he is friends with benefits with who means more to him then he does to her. she keeps coming in waves, he keeps coming back just to be fed scraps. He takes whatever he can get from her because its better than nothing. hes so sick of how he just keeps coming back to her.. shes a joke he told and told till it got old. Then I think there is a final proposition, that says,, be my babe be my family, for good this time.. you know, my cherie. his only. but, i think in the end she turns him down. and he realizes, he doesnt need her anymore, she is not worth his time. the only way to get over her is to realize she is shallow and selfish and not this perfect version of her that he has created. hence.. you have set on me but you are not the sun.

    .. she is no longer the center of his life, of his love, of his energy.

    burn it down
    laurennnnemceeon July 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are 100% "be my babe" (not bait or bane or whatever else), and "be my serene, tell me you know what I mean". (not be my dream, or
    It has both of those lines on the hand-written lyric sheet that came with the vinyl.
    superjuper27on February 17, 2012   Link
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    General Commentsethasaurus is right, the bridge is

    You Set On Me But
    You are not the sun
    You are not the sun
    backtothebeat00on November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBe my bane makes more sense to the song.

    I didn't even realize that it might have something to do with Untitled 1. I don't think that this is the case, as brand new never formally released that song.

    The sun is the centre of the solar system. Everything revolves around it. That's the meaning of the song, IMHO, and BN is trying to say that this person isn't the sun, they don't have the world revolving around them, and, at the same time, don't need to take on the responsibility of being the sun. Louis XIV was named the Sun King, because he believed the world revolved around him.
    Doomon November 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI totally agree that it's "I'm outside and growing roots again." I've listened to it thousands of times and I've always thought that's what it said.
    It makes sense with the context. He's out in the world, growing roots, finding a secure place, and 'you are not the sun' because, clearly, he is growing, which could not happen in the absence of the sun.
    lorshmoreon July 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"If you breed, just don't tell me." makes more sense to me.
    I haven't read all the replies, I have no idea if I'm being repetitive, so that being said...

    He wants the girl to love him. "Don't be waves," like don't come & go, just "seal my fate, marine", like just envelop him completely, and stay. He wants her completely, unconditionally, and if she "breeds" with another, he doesn't want to know, he just wants her to "pretend" that she loves him. This song just hit me so hard today, and it happens to be exactly what I'm feeling, haha. I love it so much.
    sibyllynnon December 29, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's "To be my bait."

    And it's also makes the most sense in my interpretation to the song, which goes along with the entire album. I think this song is about a girl (Luca) chasing him and he's just not sure. "You've set on my, but you are not the sun." Meaning you're after me but you're not the one. And then he gives in in Luca and she turns out she's dirty and it was all wrong just like he thought, leading to his epiphany and finally finding the place where God wanted him to be, and learning from the mistakes.
    musicismyfavorite777on September 05, 2010   Link
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    General Commentand "outside your cold lips again" is wrong.

    The line is actually "I'm outside and growing roots again"
    superjuper27on February 17, 2012   Link

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