"Bill Is Dead" as written by and Mark E Smith C. Scanlon....
Last week after "Dynasty"
I had crows feet under my eyes
Paid two days for getting high

Got pasted in a bar
I hope I've got the number

These are finest times of my life
This is the greatest time of my life
This is the greatest time of my life
These are the biggest times of my life

But just lately seeing you
I rise a.m. off pink sheets
I am renewed
I am aglow
Red brick and green is the streets
You dressed today as if for riding school
Your legs are so cool
Came twice
You thrice

These are the greatest times of my life

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"Bill Is Dead" as written by Mark E Smith C. Scanlon

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    General CommentGreat job overall, especially "riding school", which tends to throw some people off (I've seen "right in school" !), and improves the subsequent punchiness of "legs ... so cool."

    However, while I could be wrong, I'm fairly certain you're missing the article "a" before "Dynasty", which should not be capitalized, as I assume the usage is slang in Marky's typically personal manner, likely referring to a night on the town involving various intoxicants and attempts to meet members of the opposite sex. Hence, "got pasted in a bar" coming just before "I hope I've got the number" refers to a phone number the protagonist procured from a potential acquaintance who, one can only assume, lacks a "Y" chromosome, and eventually becomes the lady friend he now wakes up with.

    As you have it, "D"ynasty would have our narrator up all night watching a horrid American prime time soap opera while drinking stout, perhaps mildy entertaining but hard to imagine worth paying "two days" for and contributing to "the greatest time" of his life.

    Taking this thought further, the contrast of the initial "last week", filled with hangovers, with "but just lately", and which he's "renewed" and "aglow" suggests a change and the potential for an ongoing relationship, the key word here being "seeing", which would not make sense for a mere one night stand, supported further by "you dressed today" (as opposed to how she dressed yesterday, last week, etc.). No, it seems our scruffy hero may have fallen into having a (gasp) honest-to-god girlfriend, the "pink sheets" telling us he's staying, or at least frequenting, an abode in which a female selects the bedding (good call on her part -- one can only imagine the condition his place is in!)

    In any event, as I've aged this has become my favorite Fall song, proving Mr. Smith is more than a mere ranter, but can cram a novelette within a few paragraphs. Quite a dynasty.
    JSBachon January 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think I read somewhere that Bill was the name of Mark's Dad...
    Yer_Maon November 26, 2014   Link

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