His life as strange as it seems
It lies on it's side and screams
And nothing is quite what it
Dreams when it walks
Pays when it talks

Dah da do
Da da de dum
Da da de dum
Da da de dum
Da da de dum
Doo aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

All I want was a dream
You are lucky if you escape with a scream
Where nothing is quite what it
Seems when she walks
Plays when she talks
And the earth screams like madmen
They laugh when she talks
Strange that you thought
That the earth fell like the pouring rain
When its hot
Like it or not
You'll scream again, again, again

Brains when she talks
A cane when she walks
And the earth screams like a madman
In love when she talks
I know I have thoughts
And they all fall to pieces
When I speak I get cold
And I'm getting old
And we all scream again, again

Like a tick farm, like a sea horse, like a graveyard, like a moron, like
a girlfriend, like a tissue, like a cardboard, like a brick wall, like a dream
Waiting to be

Like a ball park, like a hiccup, like a blood clot, like a brain stroke, like
a long drip, like a skelvin[?], like a dream
That I can see

Like a house wife, like a rapist, like a tea cup, like a bed pan, like a cold
sore, like an old friend
Nothing seems so removed

But love is hard when you're true
And twice is far from the
Earth when it walks
And I know I can talk
But the words hover like a thousand vericose flies that know me
And I know I can see
But my eyes fill with pride and stupidity
This I know
And I'm getting old
So I scream again, again, again

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Sea Ferring song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is an acid trip
    i think its one of the best ways to show someone who has never done drugs before what its like.
    christopherblazekon June 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFucked up freak-out! Totally lysegic!
    mohamadhasanon September 03, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI've listened to this song at least 200 times. I'd say it's like an anthem against normality. It's insane, but insane in a rebellious way. It's stream of conscious. It's letting yourself be a freak. I wouldn't spend more time deciphering the lyrics than were originally spent creating them. Having said that the music itself it nice and so perfectly representative of the butthole experience. I love the scream at the end of the sentences. Uniquely mental.
    crakhead11on July 31, 2017   Link

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