kkkitchens, what were you thinking?
your quality units never stood a chance
with a little forward planning and perspective
you'd have avoided this
but you're a spook, a legend,
an urban myth with a twist in the tail
a precautionary nod to the licensing trade
and children still whisper your name

da-ddy, don't marry da-ddy

kkkitchens what were you thinking
if racial tension is a benchmark
then how much for this sink in a riot?
i'll buy it with the water main,
but you're a mock, a molar
a molecular fault in a parallel world
a mysterious font by the end of the north road
just across from the spar

da-ddy, don't marry da-ddy

kkkitchens i know you're shutting
i think you gave us everything that we could ever ask
of a little racist shop
but kkkitchens what were you thinking?
what drugs were all your salesmen taking?
i tried to run but spent the weekend shaking

da-ddy, don't marry da-ddy

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    General CommentIt is an actual store. kkkitchens.com/

    The song isn't so much about race as it is terrible, terrible branding, which is then taken as racist. Like most Mclusky songs it's black, playful humor.

    The line about the riot is just about the popular reaction to a store with such a moronic name. The references to the obscure and seemingly non-existent things are there to hammer home the absolute absurdity of a kitchen decorating/renovations store with the name KKKitchens ACTUALLY existing.

    In the last verse, the narrator of the song pretty much concedes that he bought his kitchen supplies there anyway ("I think you gave us everything ..."), because it was convenient, but he definitely knew it was a dumb name for a business doomed to fail.

    Here's a story to illuminate ...

    A man walks into a bar, he's depressed. The bartender asks what's wrong. The man says his business closed. The bartender asks what he sold. The man tells him he sold kitchen supplies. The bartender asks about the location, if he had enough potential customers, what his costs were, etc., etc. It's all in perfect order. Finally he says, "well, I just can't see why your store closed. Some things in business don't make sense" And the man says, "I know. How could KKKitchens possibly fail?"
    robwyattfanon September 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCan't believe no one commented on this...
    It seems to me it's about Ku Klux Klan, because of the kkk in kkkitchens, and verses like "if racial tension is a benchmark/ then how much for this sink in a riot?" (that seems to refer to its violent and terrorist methods) and "I think you gave us everything that we could ever ask/ of a little racist shop"...
    The verse "what drugs were all your salesmen taking?" seems to refer to the insanity of its racism and its acts. "A molecular fault in a parallel world" may mean the organization doesn't have a place in the real world. "But you're a spook, a legend,/ an urban myth with a twist in the tail" is about how it ended up getting into people's imaginary, as something terrible and unknown. "I tried to run but spent the weekend shaking" seems to show how scary it is too.
    But, I can't see how the "da-ddy, don't marry da-ddy" goes with all this...
    femme_en_grison February 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commentyou're overthinking it a bit. Its about a kitchenware shop that was actually called KKKitchens. dunno if its a true story or not but i remember reading somewhere thats what its about.
    garygxxon September 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI don't think he's over thinking it at all... It's pretty obvious it's a play on the word. He mentions race twice in the song and even says "spook" in it, which again, is a play on the racial slur.
    sirgarycolemanon March 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI would think a store named that would be intentional. At least in America it would be. There's a Koffee Kup Kafe not too far from where I live. And it is definitely intentional.
    adsfkahsdfon May 18, 2012   Link

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