Your priorities are just as screwed as the stupid things you say.
You don’t belong here, You never did, So why don’t you just stay away.
If attention is what you’re looking for then you sure won’t find it here.
So stop the charade and start facing up ‘cause we know that you’re insincere.
And I can’t believe what you’re doing.
Trying to cash in on what we’ve built.
And i don’t believe what I’m seeing.
Another fake mocking what we feel.
While we sacrifice our own lives to keep this strong you’re just here along for the ride.
Just another sheep in the wolves clothing, you’re all bark and no bite.
I think that it’s about time for you to wise up and get your mind right and realize that we will weed out your kind.
We’re sick of your selfish ways and all the stunts you pull to try to make a name to gain fame.
But no! Not today!
Not any more ‘cause we know you’re lame.
And you’ll never be welcomed again.
And I think that it’s about time for you to wise up and get your mind straight.
You’re just a puppet a tool here for personal gain, with no true love for the scene.
We see straight through you and know you’re not what you seem you drama queen.
Listen to me and take heed.
Hear my words, You are a drying breed.
And you’ll never be welcomed again.
While we sacrifice our lives you’re just along for the ride.
You’re all bark and no bite so goodnight.

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