"Dark Clouds" as written by Michael Perretta and Shane Bunting....
Dark clouds are hanging all around me
it's too dark to see tomorrow...
Dark clouds are hanging all around me
it's too dark to see tomorrow
Dark clouds are hanging all around

Dark clouds are hangin' all around
I try to pick myself back up but I keep fallin' down
Some times I can't even get out of my bed
Thinking about the night before and stupid shit that I said
It's at the point that I'm focused on hibernation
Less interactions with people less complications
Alcohol and altercations Tylenols and conversations
i'll be fallin' off the face of the earth if I don't change
What's the fuckin' point in upping my worth if it's all pain
and Shane's going insane while basically in my prime
Can I rediscover my mind are we wasting each others time
I don't cry I don't look up at the sky and ask why
But sometimes I feel like I'm patiently waiting to die
Go thru the motion s try to put the pen to paper with love
But I'm still holding back afraid of what I'm capable of...


Dark clouds all around rain drops keep fallin' on me
And when it all falls down god be callin' on me
I told my girl I fixed the holes in our roof
then the storm came down and exposed the truth
So many obstacles to face in this game
It's like deal with this shit or drink away the pain
It seems like I'ma stay in weed clouds 'til death clouds
Because my mother left this world and I ain't been right yet
Main I ain't seen sun beams in weeks
In the summertime in California live from Venice Beach
It's mostly been on some dark clouds and rainy days
It's cold nights and heart pounding heavily
After all this financial problems miniscule
You can overcome then you can do anything
I need a new cat for this dark cloud to follow
Cause while it's over me its too dark to see tomorrow


Madchild: Dark clouds hanging around so my vision is blurred
I just walked into the room they new this kid was disturbed
Mental hospital, they said I haven't lost it though
You don't look that bad go ahead you're only half mad
Open the curtain and I hopped out the bed
I guess I'm allowed to walk the streets with awful thoughts in my head
Now it's just me against the world
Got my dogs and my girls got my shotgun, and my Glock
Got my friends that keep it thorough
Plus my family understand me I got a lust for wealth
Don't trip if I don't trust you I don't trust myself
Associates and friends of mine are droppin' like flies from getting shot
Or getting caught up or not and getting high
I've been with girls that had suicidal silhouettes
Me I choose a new slow death from smoking cigarettes


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