"Change" as written by Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger....
And I will never see the truth,
This is not a matter of my youth.
I do not need anybody else,
Bonds would put my mind into cells.

And I will never know I was wrong,
Never listen to those truly strong.
I do not fear anything that's not me,
Ignorance is the ultimate key.

But I wouldn't want to live like this forever.
But change myself? never, never!
The very thought sends shivers down my spine.
I'm sure everything, everything will be fine.

I am the one who cries out at night,
For somebody to change my very core.
Not sure why I live in endless fright,
Doomed to love only myself forevermore.

I am the one who has no real friends,
Shallow people flocking to my banner.
Always trying to make easy amends,
Cherishing my own overbearing manner.

Life - always fragile.
I will never change.
Love - always fleeting.
I will never change.

Life - always fragile.
I will never change.
Love - always fleeting.
I will never change.

But I wouldn't want to live like this forever.
Maybe I really was too clever.
But I wouldn't want to end like that.
I would die lonely and incredibly sad.

I will never drag myself out of this,
The shadows of my past bogging me down.
Feeling lost in turmoil and crisis,
My face forever set in an endless frown.

I have been hurt beyond mental repair,
Thence destined to suffer eternal damnation.
No one can be there for me to care,
But without I will never find salvation.

Lust - always empty.
But I will never change.
Death - always tempting.
But I will never change.

Lust - always empty.
But I will never change.
Death - always tempting.
But I will never change.

Everything is about control.
I must never slip, nor ever fall.
Anything is possible for me.
I must never doubt, and finally be free.

And finally be free.

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"Change" as written by Stefan Poiss Markus Hadwiger

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    General CommentBasically this person's lost, alone, and upset. Throughout this song these thing's are proclaimed. Change myself? Never never. It's become so accustomed to feeling this way it can't imagine feeling anthing else. At the end of the song this individual comes to realize that it can't feel and be this way for the rest of its life. There has to be some rescue or some way out of this hole it's in. But where, who, and how will it be rescued? The song's like one big S.O.S.
    Jenovassonon December 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI read this as a classic example of an INTP denying the fact that he is truly an INFP. (For more explanation, read up on Meyer's briggs personality types.
    edwarticaon January 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentedwartica... Thank you for making that connection. Whole-heartedly.

    I've always heard this song as me, my conscious(which bolth freaks me out and warms my heart). Referrencing these lyrics here didn't change the song I know, but hearing your MBTI referrence made a huge impact on my scoring. So compelling, that me being a lurker, actually made an account to come say this.
    By it, I'm borderline INFP... Being true to myself, I didn't take any of it to heart, for fear and doubt of it relating.
    Because of your relation, I now do. And I'm happy to accept this generalization because I see myself in it and no longer feel alone.

    I'd be more grammatically correct and punctual, but I'm late to see The Dark Knight midnight showing! XD

    Thank you so very much :]
    D,eto.xon July 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentlol of course I made an error... I'm INTP, borderline -by the very last point(not that I'd personally acknowledge that, just sounds funny ;p) INFP, to clarify.
    D,eto.xon July 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFor me this song may say about the borderline personality disorder. About a person who craves someone "perfect", who will love and accept them as they are and will never leave, yet they keep pushing others away when they get too close to them. Just like a vicious circle.
    lindencaton March 31, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe classic bravado of a narcissist, peppered with hints of the uncertainty that lurks beneath the facade. Lonely, sad, and proud beyond belief. Very well done.
    lyciumchldon June 19, 2013   Link

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