Yellow walls that shine like silver
Dark green windows
Stare never closed
From yellow walls that shine like silver
Through the hands I choose to hold

Painting nightlight
In searching questions
Cannot catch the shadow
That is me
Running naked
And unmentioned
Through the death
Of a saltless sea

No one knows me
In the morning
No one sees me go walking by
And if I listen while no one answers
The winds can only echo a goodbye

While through your windows
And through your walls
I see you made of crystal light
I see you running and never moving
I see you waiting for my knife

Through yellow walls that shine like silver
Dark green windows
Stare never closed
Through yellow walls that shine like silver
Through the hands I choose to hold

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Yellow Walls song meanings
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    General CommentThis is one of the most depressing songs I have ever heard, because it is so true in relation to his life.

    He's singing about the fact that no one knows him; "No one knows me-...-The winds can only echo a goodbye", which is horrifically sad because it is so true. At least artists like Nick Drake are finally receiving the critical acclaim they deserve, Jackson is unfortunately forever going to be under the radar.
    ThomYorkeGuyGarvey92on June 20, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaningyes it is a great song. very sad that Jackson wasnt truely recognized like he should have been. but at least we have his songs that will definatly live on forever.
    mossyoak83on July 18, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningJust recently found out about this great artist. I've pondered with a friend about this songs meaning. So far, we have come up with he is essentially describing himself. The yellow walls his skin and the green windows his eyes. Yellow, could be referring to him being an insane person and that is why he is alone. His eyes stare never closed because he cannot sleep due to his childhood trauma. The walls shine like silver could be that it is how he sees the world, and its only shining out instead of in. Or, it only shines silver for those who know him. The last verses before the ending chorus, to me, are disturbing and gave reason to my interpreted meaning.
    michaelhdjon August 05, 2020   Link
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    General CommentThis song is autobiographical in a very sad way. Jackson C. Frank was severely burnt by a fire at his school.

    15 of his closest friends, virtually all of them including his girlfriend Marlene died in that fire. The school furnace exploded. He spent months in the hospital afterwards as he suffered burns to 50% of his body. He had recurring dreams of the horrendous event The "Yellow Walls" was a reference to the school walls from inside, lit by the fire behind him. The second verse refers to the fact he "died" in that fire in a way his normal life ended. All his friends dead.

    The third verse again says he felt completely alone after losing everyone he loved.

    The fourth verse shows how he felt the guilt of the survivor, he lived but they all died. This caused him deep psychological problems which he ultimately had all his tragic life.

    The last line of the last verse clearly says all of his friends (the hands he chooses to hold) died in that fire. How could anyone recover from that experience? This song lays his soul bare.

    He later received 110,500 USD compensation from the insurance company with which he sailed to England and then Spain as he says in "Blues run the Game" which is autobiographical too. He married and had a child who died of Cystic Fibrosis which broke the marriage. He sadly died homeless and penniless. Possibly the saddest life which I ever heard about.

    All we have left of this great man is his songs.
    bobdylan100on September 24, 2020   Link

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