"This Time Was Mine" as written by Mike Justian, Paul Mcgrath, Trevor Phipps, Ken Susi and John Maggard....
Victim the cards were dealt with less time for me
Rebel my only way to avoid your sympathy
Virtue spellbinding charm,
And the strength of a hurricane
Black sheep the rebel son,
That clashed with authority

Powerless at least I have tonight
The roads not long at least I have tonight

Bloodline few will see this through till the end
Cower some hide in fear,controlled by ignorance
Eyes closed the cruelest site for those to see
Sting your conscience seared as anguish tears away

I might not come back tomorrow
Please know I chose the right path for me

I've lived, I've died
I've done it all a thousand times
And I don't regret a thing I've done
This time was mine to have

Wanderer I've seen it all like no other man,
I've seen the light of all worlds
Father I did my best for lack of my own
Son a ragged path,but the love was not unknown
Brother the best of times a forever unyielding bond

Free from this disease
Farewell I'll miss you all

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"This Time Was Mine" as written by Ken Susi John Maggard

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    General Commenthow the fuck has nobody commented on such an awesome song?

    as to the meaning of it.. im not the best at working lyrics out but i get the general impression that trevor is expressing how he feels about his life up until this point and the surrounding world in relation to it, like for example how he talks about friendships and bonds in the 3rd verse but also talks on a more general level about people in the 2nd verse such as the different types of people with those who will "hide in fear" and "see this through till the end" etc. etc.

    regardless of what i may make of it, im still really puzzled to the actual meaning of this song.. this is just the vibe that i get when i try and interpret it.. and i think it mainly just because of the chorus and how it appears to be a testament to his life until this point when he screams "and i dont regret a thing i've done"..

    just my two cents worth..
    evilbeavilon April 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentanyone else feel a bit of Jesus in this song?
    like the 'black sheep- the rebel son that clashed with authority'. And the fact that few will 'see this through to the end', like in the story of the crucifixion, where Simon Peter will not acknowledge Jesus three times.

    I'm no religious nut, and I'm sure this isn't a correct interpretation. But it's one thing you could read into the song :) It's good when you can read a song in more than one different way
    CohenSevenfoldon July 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the song speaks about someone who is dying (probably from a terminal disease), and their feelings about life, as evidenced from the second to last line of the song: "free from this disease, farewell i'll miss you all"

    The line: "Rebel-my only way to avoid your sympathy" in the first verse shows the person doesnt want anyone to feel sorry or take pity on them

    "the roads not long-at least i have tonight" shows the person feels they are only a short way away from dying, and is happy they are able to live another day ("at least I have tonight")

    The second verse talks about how other people with the same disease react: "Cower-some hide in fear,controlled by ignorance/Eyes closed-the cruelest site for those to see"

    ...the rest of the song just talks about the person saying theyve lived a full life and remembers their dad, brother and son

    IMO, Unearth's best song
    coleman132002on September 28, 2010   Link

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