Danced with wind and danced with fire
Killed the truth and called the liar
Bleeding in its mystery when the moon began to fall
Dreamers are not all they seem,
Sleeping in her silent dream
She locks it all inside and hides it all away

China, China

Calling out to history
Is that the way it will always be?

China, China

Questions in my hand, and then
Answers gone till I don't know when

All you speak and all you hear
Hand that's strong and voice it's clear
An unforgotten memory when the moon begins to call
Called you right and called you wrong
Time, the shadow, sings your song
Don't lock it all inside and hide it all away

China, China 4x

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China Lyrics as written by David Martin Kahne Darren Hill


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    My InterpretationWell, it's Sunday, May 7, 2017 - I've been waiting five years to comment on this post.

    The song is about a girl that he's in love with but the girl is closed off to him (but not necessarily to others). She has some dark things in her history that I feel she wants to open up about, but can't - possibly to protect someone else that she loved in the past and can't let go of.

    The name "China" and the Great Wall around her heart is a bit of a stretch. But who knows what the song writer had in mind.

    There. I feel much better now after keeping this bottled up for the past five years.
    cascade107on May 07, 2017   Link
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    General Comment1983 was a great year for music, and this was always one of my favorites. It wasn't a particularly big hit, but I think it stands the test of time, and could be a hit if released even today. I was surprised to find no comments here yet, so I'll start the discussion, and maybe in 5 years, someone will come along and add to it.
    I have always felt this was a song about a girl the author knew. I don't know if she was a girlfriend, or someone he was interested in knowing better, but I believe he was trying to get her to open up and talk about her past - she's perhaps been hurt. Like the country, the girl he calls "China" wouldn't share anything. She's got a secret, and she's not telling. It's driving him nuts. He wants to help, but she won't let him.
    Of course, it's all told from the perspective of comparing her dark secrets to that of the giant, mysterious country with a huge, great wall erected around it to keep everyone out. While not directly referenced in the song, I'm sure that's one reason he called the girl "China" - she had a similar wall around her heart to keep everyone away.
    But hey - that's just my take on it. Anyone in 2017 feel differently? I'll wait.
    KirkHon December 20, 2012   Link
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    General CommentFantastic song, haunting, stuck in my head even now.
    kevwizon January 22, 2016   Link

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