I will rise from the swamp
Where they dumped my private plane
I'll be clutching the life preserver
In my teeth
And I will find the highway
And I will flag down a truck
Worry lines on my forehead
Blank stare underneath

And when I come back to town
I'm gonna cast my burden down
A little worse for wear
Practically walking on air

I will thank my ride
And claw my way back inside
To the guts of the building
Where my enemies hide in the dark like roaches
And I will signal the camera crew
And everyone will do what he's been trained how to do
Sweat dripping from my face
As my moment approaches

Click your heels
Count to three
I bet you never expected me
A little worse for wear
Practically walking on air

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Ox Baker Triumphant song meanings
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    General Comment"Douglas A. Baker (born April 19, 1934) better known professionally as Ox Baker, was an American professional wrestler, and was feared for his dreaded finishing move, the Heart Punch, sometimes called the "Hurt Punch", after Baker's famous catchphrase "I LOVE to hurt people!" He has also appeared in several movies including playing the leading role of the Russian wrestler in Blood Circus and Escape from New York." wikipedia
    xcatson October 28, 2007   Link
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    General Comment“When I was a kid, I was really into pro-wrestling. But pro-wrestling was a very cheap game in those days. There were not script writers working on the tagline for the guy to have when he makes his entry with the lighting rigs and the fire pots and everything. There was just a wrestling-- well, it was a boxing ring that they were using for wrestling in the Olympic Auditorium, and some lights. That was kind of about it. It was kind of the indie rock of sports. And the people who showed up thought it was the greatest thing in the world, but everybody else didn’t think so.

    “And the way it worked was, in LA, we had a very unimportant bunch of wrestlers who no one ever heard of outside of Southern California and maybe a little bit in Arizona. But, in every wrestling market, there comes a time when some guy swears if he loses a match, he’s gonna leave town and you’ll never see him again. And what it means when a guy does this is that he had family to visit someplace and he needed a month off. Maybe he had something going on in his life. So he’s in the New York market and he says to a then-young entrepreneur named Vince McMahon, ‘Vince, I gotta go out to California to see some people. Can you set me up with some dates out there?’ And Vince would say, ‘Oh yeah, there’s an organization out there.’

    “And so, suddenly this guy you’ve only seen in the magazines is being interviewed, and he seems to have some beef with our local wrestlers. But even as a kid, you go, ‘Well, you don’t know any of our guys! Nobody out here has ever heard of you except me, because I make my mom buy me the wrestling magazines. Otherwise, you’re just some guy, and you’re all mad at Chavo Guerrero, who never did a thing to you.’ Right? But his anger was contagious, because it was senseless, because it seemed to originate in itself. It was a perfect emotional feedback loop. Ox Baker comes out and says ‘I’m gonna defeat Chavo Guerrero’ -- my hero -- but I liked him, because he came out so filled with hatred. He never heard of us or our piddling little LA franchise, and he started talking, and what came out was just blind, incoherent -- and I mean that in a real sense -- rage.

    “The line that I’m always quoting that he said-- because this is when I learned from my stepfather what the word ‘inarticulate’ meant, in a good moment between the two of us. I was watching Ox Baker and trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about. My stepfather had this look and he said, ‘Oh, that’s so sad.’ And I said, ‘Why is it sad?’ And he said, ‘Well, he’s inarticulate. Being interviewed is not a thing for him, but he has to do it anyway.’ So, what Ox Baker said to we, the viewing audience in Los Angeles, was: ‘When I tell you that the blood is gonna run from Chavo Guerrero’s eyes, you better come down to ringside and bring your handkerchief so you can dip it in the blood.’ My stage patter aspires to the condition of this great utterance.

    “Anyway, this song envisions Ox Baker having been kicked out, having been told, ‘We have no more use for you here in Florida, so go find a gig someplace else,’ and Ox taking the whole thing kind of rather more seriously. Thinking, you know, ‘Maybe I’m actually going to have to wrestle these people to prove my point.’”
    embassyrowon December 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think it's basically about someone cheating death, and the sense of euphoria that follows.

    Kind of like Radiohead's "Airbag."
    pumkinhedon October 01, 2008   Link

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