In the beginning
They had valuable traits
Just don't mention anything to him
All we ask of you
Is to break both his legs
For the trouble
Caused as vampyre
They don't even care about us
In the backs of their cars
It's too hot to handle
Too cold to shovel
In the beginning
They had positive traits
Just don't mention
Everything to him
All we ask of you
Is a stake through the heart
For the troubles caused as vampyre
And they don't even care about us
In the backs of their cars
It's too hot to handle
Too cold to shovel
Too cold to shovel
Too cold to shovel

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Vampyre Lyrics as written by Peter J. Yorn

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Vampyre song meanings
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    General Commentthis is easily my favorite song off of 'nightcrawler.' not only does it kick off the album in a bang-up style, it is a very unique composition compared to every other track on the album, as well as in relation to everything else in the pete yorn catalog. pete has written quite a few songs that could be classified as rockers--and this song would definitely fit in that category--but there's something about it that makes it stand apart from the rest.
    "vampyre" has such a sinister sound; the song's tone is very apropos of its title and fits nicely into the album title as well. vampires are generally described as dark, sinister creatures that emerge and move about at night. it might, though, just be a coincidence that "vampyre" fits into the framework of the 'nightcrawler' title because i don't see any of the other songs on the album being consistent with that same theme of darkness.

    i've always been really curious as to why the song was titled "vampyre." it's obviously a play on words, but what's the idea behind the combination of vampire and pyre? i'm assuming the "it's too hot to handle" lyric is supposed to provide some clue, but ultimately i'm left clueless.
    i can't draw any conclusions from the lyrics because they make no sense to me. i generally don't buy into the school of thought that most songs are about one particular thing--i see the majority of songs being multifaceted when it comes to interpretation--but i can't make heads or tails out of any part of the lyrics here.

    luckily, having no comprehension of the lyrical content does not act as a deterrent. i love this song anyway. it not only has a unique sound unlike anything else in the pete yorn songbook, but i especially love that the entire song is structured as one giant build. by that i mean that there's no rising and falling action at various points; instead, the duration of the song is spent building to a giant climax, and then it's just over.
    the drums are key here. i don't know how good of a drummer pete yorn is from a technical point of view, but he plays exactly what's needed here in terms of the song. the drums help the song build and then propel it along to its apex. i also really like the simple, yet very effective, synth part (or it might be a programmed percussion loop). it sounds like some sort of glitch-y, mechanic heartbeat, and i think its inclusion is one of the main factors that contribute to this song's uniqueness.

    the aspect of the song that i'm most curious about, though, is whether pete's voice breaking at the very climax of the song was an intentional move or not. i've watched youtube clips of him performing this song live and he replicates that vocal affectation of making his voice crack, but that doesn't answer if it was originally intended to sound that way or not.
    i like to think that it was a happy accident in the studio--his voice broke when he was reaching for that note while laying down a vocal track, and it sounded so much better in the context of the song compared to the "correct" vocal take, so he just opted to use it. and if that's not the exact scenario of how it happened, i still hope he came upon that vocal tic accidentally. i just think it's so cool when a supposed "mistake" actually improves something.
    typicalrecordson January 25, 2012   Link

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