wo men liamg ge ren yi jian ru gu
san yan liang yu qian bian wan hua
qi qing liu yu yi sheng yi shi
ye shi quan shi mei

ran hou liang ge ren yi yan wei ding
qing xin wan ku san geng pan ye
si hai wei jia yi wu suo you
dou ai yi hui

yi jian fang yi zhang chuang
liang ge ren yi zhi shui
yi dan zhi yi cha na
yi bei zi bu yi er fei

hai shi he shan meng
wo da ying shi si ru gui
hai shi dui shan meng
wo yuan yi wang chuan qiu shui
hai shi ai shan meng
wo yong hu ai qing wan sui
hai shi pa shan meng
wo fa shi yong bu hou hui

Zhui hou liang ge ren yi xiang qing yuan
yi si shang chun si da jie kong
liang ren tong xin yi yang neng zuo dao
liang quan qi mei


The two of us
We became friends at first meeting
Three words, two phrases
A thousand changes, ten thousand guises
Seven emotions, six desires
A lifetime of perfection

And then the two of us
We were in agreement
a thousand trials and tribulations
In the middle of the night
four seas as home
We have nothing, yet love one round

One room, one bed
Two people, keep on sleeping
One moment, one instant
A lifetime
Has passed unnoticed

sea pledge and mountain alliance
I promise to not to fear death
sea pledge to mountain alliance
I'm willing to look forward eagerly
sea pledge love mountain alliance
I support love forever
sea pledge afraid of mountain alliance
I swear never to regret

In the end two people
It's just one's wishful thinking
While there's still a breath left
The four elements are meaningless
two people of same heart
can do it like any other
We would still be able
To satisfy both sides

我們兩個人 一見如故
三言兩語 千變萬化
七情六慾 一生一世也十全十美

然後兩個人 一言為定
千辛萬苦 三更半夜
四海為家 一無所有都愛一回

一間房 一張床
兩個人 一直睡
一彈指 一剎那
一輩子 不翼而飛

海誓和山盟 我答應視死如歸
海誓對山盟 我願意望穿秋水
海誓愛山盟 我擁護愛情萬歲
海誓怕山盟 我發誓永不後悔

最後兩個人 一廂情願
一息尚存 四大皆空
兩人同心 一樣能做到

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liang ge ren de shen jing / two people bible song meanings
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