"I Might Need You To Kill" as written by Hutch Harris and Kathleen Foster....
Locust tornadoes, crosses, and Nazi halos
They follow, they follow
Ashes and friends, ass-backwards medicines
They follow, they follow

You know I might need you to lead
And part the sea so we can cross if they follow us still
I might need you to kill
Every room and every human at will

They'll drown your disease
They'll pound you with the love of Jesus
They follow, they follow
They'll own your days, they're only God's babies
They follow, they follow

They know I might need you to hack
And cover the tracks so we can hide if they cite us still
I might need you to kill

They can tell me what to read
They can sell me what to eat
They can beat me and send me the bill
But they tell me what to feel
I might need you to kill

Yeah, I might need you to kill
I might need you to kill

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    General Commentthis song is the album's introduction to the futuristic orwellian christianized dystopia. the song makes references to the bible (locusts, parting the sea, etc.) and there are references to nazis and the line about "ashes and friends" is probably a reference to Auschwitz as chilling as that may be.
    The song seems to be about a man who wants to escape the totalitarian theocracy. He's telling a woman or someone else, his love presumably, of the sacrifices and committment needed to succeed in escaping (e.g. "i might need you to kill...hack...cover tracks so we can hide if they sight us still"
    The line about drowning your disease might be about baptisms or might be a more straight forward comment on the killing of dissidents within this dystopia.
    cmanon January 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOne thing this song is satirizing is how religion defines how we view our world. Is it moral to impress your beliefs on some one who is otherwise pure?

    It's wrong to tell someone what to do, but it's even worse when they tell you what to feel...
    mrfantastic1010on February 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI believe its "they can beat me and send me the bill," like when certain dictatorial regimes would execute you and send your family the bill for the bullets
    jeffeljefeon February 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentcite should be sight
    pandora_ash_avalieon August 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI hear "Lashes and grins" not "Ashes and friends"
    whybother737on May 22, 2008   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI always thought it was "Nazi payloads"..
    Fionnon October 23, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe biblical references are obvious
    the sense of a coming apolocalypse
    which in the hands of the christian right might make itself manifest as self-fufilling prophecy
    i'm not sure if it is the author's original intent but i am an inverse deconstructualist so for me it doesn't really matter
    [nothing exists outside of the context]
    the crosses and nazi halos conjours reminds me of the idea of the crucified skinhead
    its a martyring propaganda tactic taken up by whitepower enthusiasts
    in its own right it too becomes a self-fufilling prophecy
    they are (technically) persecuted for their beliefes
    this persecution fails maryrdom however in that those very beliefs are based opon persecuting others
    the next lines continue the theme
    -and the comment above mine is probably correct about the reference to Auschwitz
    but here i think the image becomes reified
    and turns into a simple social critique
    and in some ways a lament
    that all of our attempts to slavage our friendships
    to keep everyone together
    have merely turned us all to Ash
    the comparison of burned bridges to the holocaust is an obvious hyperbole
    and its usage is somewhat questionable
    considering the sensitivity of the subject
    but The Thermals are really just the hipsters NOFX
    so its an art form based upon hyperbole and extremes
    personally i think its a kind of dilliberate absurdity
    anyone who has every been in a marginally sucessful band knows the feeling of isolation that comes with success
    all of a sudden you become a part of the very establishment you orininally set out to rebel against
    and your friends start to do stupid shit like draw swastikas all over your high school yearbook
    its that positively 4th street sort of feel.
    the next verse further inverts the imagery
    orininally Christianity is viewed within the context of right-wing evangelicals
    bible beaters/westboro/ men with crosses screaming at innocent pedestrians
    now they, the band becomes the Christians
    with their own zealotry in riot against this
    again the lyrics present themselves in an absurdist hyperbole
    "i might need you to kill
    every room and every human at will"
    and therefore deconstructs the very idea which it presents as a course of action
    (it seems highly doubtful that the Thermals would actually want their fans to go with them on a killing spree)
    the chorus returns itself to the orignal critique
    by taking what is considered to be the positive aspect of the spread of Christianity
    and inverting it
    "they'll drown your disease, they'll pound you with the light of Jesus"
    it shows the violence involved with evangelicism
    the next verse goes back to voice of the band
    who choses flight instead of fight
    still caught within a double bind
    the last verse and chorus are just there to finish song

    overall i think it is in some ways a critique of the crusader mindset
    albiet still finding its own pleasure withing that very concept
    it reveals a number of contradictions within our own society
    and seeks to turn blood into fire
    and piss into wine

    i dont think they are outrightly anti-Christian
    or merely doing things for the sake of blasphemy
    but rather seek to reveal the infinite number of contradictions involved with Christianity

    -with my right hand crossed over my heart
    and my left fist raised high-
    aliasautonon February 10, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningMy opinion on the song is that it's simply about blindly following authority. Just simply because of the repetition of the line 'They follow' throughout and the very commonly known subjects of following orders (Religion, Nazis)
    Imasgoodastapeon July 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI made an account just to mention the glaring oversight as to the meaning of the second stanza. It's referrin,g at least in allusion to, to the posts of the old testament where Moses leads the Jews in escaping across the sea. I feel like the killing here could be the drowning of the Egyptians who pursued them, but the last line sounds more like a part of the bible (maybe it was part of the Moses stuff, I dunno) where God tells the Israelites to massacre an entire enemy camp of men, women, and children while they slept. Not an odd choice of verse, given the subject matter of the song. Honestly it was so clear to me that I was shocked neither reference had been explained.
    nolanhartnetton September 04, 2014   Link

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