Down In The Park where the machman meets the machine and play "killed by numbers", Down in the park where the friends called 5
I was in a car crash or was it the war, but I've never be quite the same, little white eyes like I was there
Come to the zoom zooms, a place to eat like it was built in one day, you can watch the humans trying to run
Oh look there's a rape machine I'd go outside if he look the other way, you wouldn't believe the things they do
Down In the park where the chant is "death, death, death" until the sun cries morning, down in the park where the friends of mine
We are not lovers we are not romantics we are here to serve you, a different face but the words never change

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"Down in the Park" as written by Gary Anthony James Webb

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    Song Meaning- Machmen are obviously transhumans, humans with machine implants etc. The line "I was in a car crash or was it a war but I've never been quite the same" seems to refer to being mortally wounded in some horrible acident, and then harvested and turned into a machman.
    - On the foofighters cover page, Carlstroem said: ""kill-by-numbers" obviously refers to "paint-by-numbers", so it's some kind of twisted game."
    I agree with that. Painting by numbers, killing by numbers, making the decision of whom to kill based on a flippant, shallow criteria that doesn't consider the value of life at all.
    - "With a friend called five". One of the numbers? His name is Five, an impersonal, assigned name. I wonder too, if "five" is a reference to humankind, man. Five is the number of man, Six of the devil, Seven of God and heaven. Could be something there...

    - "Like it was built in one day". Rome wasn't built in a day. So it's like this distopian civilisation is so new, built so quickly, came from nowhere. Alien. ALSO, not sure if this works but before Jesus died, he predicted his death in metaphor when he said Jerusalem would be destroyed but rebuilt in 3 days, referring to his resurrection. I'm sure I've read literature where this has been changed to 1 day, or people get it mixed up to be 1 day. So this could be a reference to resurrection into a Machman.
    - I would like to mention the other poster who found all the references to the William S Bourroughs story. "Death death death", "white lies" etc. That gives some big clues on what some of the lyrics mean.
    - I think the lyrics here are wrong "We are but lovers, we are but romantics, we are here to serve you". It should be "We are not lovers, we are not romantics, we are here to serve you".
    CaptainMcFuggetson July 14, 2011   Link

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