Who am I?
Who do you say I am?
As I hobble on to the land of the dull...
Wings or wheels, wings or wheels?
Now I'm like a silly boy
Now I'm like the Wandering Jew
He goes on, but I linger
The rain makes...

And the oil staggers
Over waters
Blue sky may stay
Blue sky or grey
And the rain falls
On life
On life
On life
On life
On life

And once you go beyond
Once you go beyond
The line between
And inhuman

How the trees stand
Oh how the wind strives
And people to bend
Are we left with nothing?
A Cross appears
Between the horns
Of a stag
And burning light
Blinds the hunter
And firstly I stood proud
Fuelled by white and beast
Then bowed till I...
Almost broken
A row of Christ’s
Stare down on me
And their several likenesses
Flame and torch my walls
Othal, odal bloody
Then scared and scabbed

Who am I?
Who do you say I am?
As I hobble on
To the land of the dull
Wings or wheels
Wings or wheels
Now I'm like a silly boy
Now I'm like a Wandering Jew
And he goes on
And thus I linger
And anyway
People die
And anyway
People die...

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    General CommentI'd say that this song is typical of what David Tibet usually writes. That is, it sort of sounds like some inner musings shared with the listener with some religious themes, mostly pondering themes like life and death and how everything works.

    I suppose you could say that all the little symbols and pieces of imagery used in the song represent specific things (and I have a pretty good feeling that the bit about a cross appearing between a stag's horns refers to Saint Eustace, who became a Christian when he was hunting one day and had the same vision). I prefer not to really try to figure it out. It's rather confusing, really, and I don't think I really have all the knowledge of the symbols to figure it out properly. Who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if some of it made sense only in Mr. Tibet's mind. No offense to him or anything, but he often writes like he's insane - which I not only don't mind but I like. It always makes the narrators of his songs sound like they're insane. (Most people who are familiar with my musical tastes know that I'm fond of music that seems to be made by lunatics or else really was.)

    So I take it as sort of an idea of him thinking about death and people dying and the way that works, and him phrasing it in terms that make sense in his mind. That's what it means to me.
    Pippin the Mercuryon September 26, 2009   Link

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