looking so damn good, I'm gonna have to forget it

listen to the mimic, it's almost on
drink 'til you hit me with the tall potion
think quick, how much more insult
will it take for me to break your light bulb?

shards of pull cards scattered on the carpet
it's hard to breathe 'cause you wear a fitted target
tug upon the choke chain
travel the cold rain
of course I came to show you shrapnel

check your mail, climb your ladder
count the pieces you've managed to gather
doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve
let go of your throat if you're dying to breathe

and finally we, we're gonna make a little progress
ain't a single rock in this river that can stop us
lost in the mist like a feeble overdose
got me screaming at these sheep until these people know what's up

yeah, slug's back with his collection of hub caps
caught a buzz and brought a notebook full of love raps
open the pipes and tuck that voice in
I'm gonna stand on this corner and nibble on my poison

maybe once in awhile I find a reason to smile
but most of the time, it's spent deep in denial
it's all make believe, I want the cake to eat
but this lake's too deep to try to stand on two feet

wondering about the thunder running through this blood
I try to keep my cool, but the hat fits too snug
studied the love
took my degree, shoved it into a bottle
chucked it into the sea



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    General CommentThe live version on Sad Clown Bad Dub 3.2 is amaaaazing
    badcaseofthegoodson November 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyea man, fuckin awsome live, im strugglin trying to find more live shit.
    tyl3r3on January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhere's most of the first verse?
    "I can't remember who asked me, but someone asked me
    How long I thought that I would be allowed atop this trash heap
    I didn't answer cause I'm tired of criticizing the masses
    Inspired the support the devouring of the self
    All the power to the people who dig potholes
    Placed me in a glass case full of lost treasures and fossils
    Got a right to be hostile, my love is gettin' gang raped
    By an army full money hungry crocodiles
    Quantity is up, market in a flood
    But the party over here has never steered through this much love
    I'll take the laughter, but I'd rather have the women
    Who am I kiddin'? I'll be content with whatever I'm givin'
    Work for food, rent, sex, money, or water
    I don't know what else that you have to offer
    Your first born daughter? No need, already got her
    She came to the set hungry and left hot and bothered
    My posse's full of women, computer nerds, and thugs
    Much to my dismay, I'm none of the above.
    Someday I'ma be the mack of the minute"
    Coowon April 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI swear I her "brought a notebook full of thug rap"
    bonitasenoritaon May 09, 2011   Link

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