I shut all my windows
They protect me from the storm
I'm alone but I wait for someone
One who keeps the lights on
One who keeps the house warm

I feel a swaying rhythm
If we get swept to sea I'll be happy
It's all we wish for now
I wish you'd keep the lights down
I wish you'd keep the house warm

We have enough we can handle it
If we don't make I will fall apart
All is in vain for us.

I think we can make it now
I think that we can make it
I wish you'd keep the lights down
I wish you'd keep the house warm

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"This House" as written by Joshua Silverberg Brett Steven Younker

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    General CommentIt's so easy to decipher the lyrics - finding meaning to songs are like putting together a puzzle piece:

    It's about a guy who is going through stuff in his life personally - you can tell because he mentions about the storms (these storms aren't going on necessarily in his relationship with his girl).

    He's just not wanting to deal with eveyrthing, but he feels that he can look to his wife/girlfriend for comfort and support (Keep the lights down low, house warm) all symbolize comfort and rest.

    He's concerned though that all his circumstances will eventually affect his relationship - he does have hope though that even though everything else in his life is falling a part, his relationship with his wife/girlfriend will be strong because she's been such an important part in his life in regards to the support she gives. And if her support goes - than goes everything else.

    If he gets' swept out to sea, means that whatever happens, as long as she's there with him, he'll be happy. =) That's self explanatory.

    Basically in a nutshell, this dude is going through a lot, but he's glad that he has a girlfriend/wife who supports him and understands him through it all - and he's confident (which is a Godly thing ;-) that they'll make it through! ;-)
    lexerellaon September 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdo know blinkcat00, that just becuase the band is christian does not mean they have to sing only about God, there is no rule saying every song has to be about him but that they praise God with there lives
    SiSipowon September 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really love this song. For me, the meaning is kinda un-clear. I've watched the music video. And, it's kind of strange...but good. It's like animation but in weird way. Anyways, I think it's about these two people that love eachother and everything they do is vain (hence the line that says "All is in vain for us."). For their own pleasure. Then, everything falls down and fails which causes them to realize how wrong they were. Now, even though everything else has fallen, they still have eachother and love. I don't know...just a wild guess. Comments?
    WishingForYouon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell, "in vain" doesn't mean that they are going after vain things. it means that what they did was to no avail, that it had no purpose in the end.

    what it seems to be to me is a story. first, he is alone. then, he finds love. then, something comes that separates them either literally or figuratively (which i can relate to right now in both ways), but he hold on with hope.

    but I'm probably wrong, but i do hope that that will help at least guide someone else in realizing the correct meaning.
    james_fetneron March 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think it's about this young couple who obviously are living together it's sort of tearing them apart with the realization that living on their own is harder than they expected, despite how they feel for one another.

    the idea i get from the first verse is that this "storm" that he mentions is perhaps a reference to a fight they've been having over and over. the shutting of the windows seems to imply his wanting just to shut it out of his mind and move on from it."I’m alone but I wait for someone, One who keeps the lights on, One who keeps the house warm" brings to mind that maybe she's the real breadwinner of the household, and he's not exactly pulling his weight which is a main cause of their troubles. while she's away at work trying to do what she can to keep a roof over their head, he's left alone with the thought of this and it kills him due to the traditional thought of the man being the main provider of the household.

    "I feel a swaying rhythm, If we get swept to see i'll be happy, It's all we wish for now" by that i think he's saying that he wishes they could just wash away all of their animosity towards each other but it's easier said than done because the problem's still there."We have enough we can handle it, If we don’t make I will fall apart." he's saying that even though they struggle, they have each other and it's all that they really need because without her he's nothing and has nothing and he realizes this so maybe he tries to step up and do more than he's been doing. "All is in vain for us" isn't about being selfish or things happening to no avail, but implies that everything he's doing, he's doing it for them and the sake of salvaging their love.

    the last verse "I think we can make it now, I think that we can make it" is his hope to her that now things have changed and with their love, they can pull through and survive it all with one another by their sides. so yeah, that's what i think it's about.
    yourdramastoryon April 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentEdison Glass is are christian dudes, and they are known as a christian band. So i believe that this song is about God. And who better is there to protect you from the storm, or keep the house warm? He also touches on the struggle it sometimes can be to keep your faith is God. Also he may be singing about him and a wifes relationship with God as one flesh. Yeah its about God.
    blinkcat00on July 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think that it is about a couple that is going through a tough time, and he hopes they'll get through it.
    andipizzleon November 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think that it is about a couple that is going through a tough time, and he hopes they'll get through it.
    andipizzleon November 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful song :)) i thought i was going to cry.
    kassichi88on February 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAt first, I took this song as a sort of love song, then as a sort of, song about a relationship with God.

    Lately though, when I listen to it, I can't help but sort of giggle, because it makes me think of him wanting a reliable roommate.

    ruthless2shoeson February 27, 2010   Link

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