Christ 0 (x3)

Here I stand alone, I'm a sacrifice
Like a fallen angel, die here without your love
Now I understand, let the sentenced dog I'm in
swallow all the hate I can eat

Gave you my heart, gave you my heart
I just gave you my heart
and they take it away, take it away
Now I gather somebody else's lives
‘Till the day we'll meet again

You are the reason why, my day of living
I gave my soul away to the unforgiven

Suicide would save me from my thoughts
I'll try now to freeze on there walls here
My uncertain eternity in broken words
Said from the other part of me

Give me your heart, give me your soul
Can you give me your life?
Then I take it away, break it in two
And dancing in enemy else's blood
Pouring down on me like rain

They are the reason for my day of living
I gave my soul away to the unforgiven

Ghost ship - December 11
2:00 am - My name X

You are my death part I
The new edition is called “my life part II”

You are the reason why, my day of living
I know, I know we'll meet again on the fifth of seasons

(I'm alive – Christ 0)
(See me light – Christ 0 – I'm alive)
I know, I know we'll meet again my love

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    General CommentFor those who don't already know, the album 'Christ-0' is based around the Count of Monte Christo. So if the lyrics don't make sense on the first read, that's probably why.

    This title track introduces 'Christ-0' during his imprisonment. Here he remembers his lover, and promises to himself that he'll meet her again, once he escapes. His thoughts turn to his 'friends,' the men who betrayed him to this living hell, and he vows to take back the life they stole from him.

    The muttered "Ghost ship... December 11, 2a.m. ... my name is X..." introduces the detective from Interpol who ends up hunting him down after he's committed these murders. The line makes more sense in the coming songs.
    Garinuson January 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt seems to me that this song is also about the development of the Christ 0 persona/personality.
    "Swallow all the hate I can eat" "Now I gather somebody else's lives" Christ 0 is being created from his anger and the characters in the horror movies he's watching (Refer to 'Silently')

    "In broken words said from the other part of me.

    Give me your heart give me your soul
    Can you give me your life..." Christ 0 emerges.

    There also seems to be exchanges between the original character and Christ 0.
    "They are the reason for my day of living" -Christ 0
    "I gave my soul away to the unforgiven" -Original
    ShadeCharadeon May 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthnx dude!
    ryanmiepon September 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNew to this band, but what I've heard is great. Know this isn't the right place for this, but heard a song called "More than alone" at my friends place and his computer said it was Vanden Plas, but can't find this song on any of their releases... It's a great ballad, can someone help me out? thanks!
    Allfadiron April 03, 2009   Link

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