you choked
but i will not be as weak as your throat
i don't care, i was on your side
as soon as we met

you complain, this heart's had its beating
but i will be your faith
who knows when it will end
you're going to live through me
and i will be over it
as soon as i can

i've known pain
but never as much as on my first day
i don't care, i do not remember it
and soon i'll forget this as well

you complain, this heart's had its beating
but i will be your faith
who knows how long it will last
you aren't going to live through this
but i will be over
as soon as i can

soon as we turn in

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    General CommentAnother song about a gu and a girl.
    "You complain, this heart's had it's beating"
    Is the implication that the girl is hesitant in this relationship. She doesn't want to get trampled (again).
    "But I will be your faith"
    Implies that no matter how she feels, he just wants her to trust him, and let him lead her.
    "Who knows when it will end"
    I believe 'it' is meant to both imply the relationship and their lives, encouraging the "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" attitude, and further encouraging this girl to just do what he says.
    "You're going to live through me"
    Is just one more line saying she needs to put her heart and life into his hands.
    "And I will be over it/as soon as I can"
    This is the callous remark implying that even if she does what he's requesting, he'll still split as fast as he can.
    The title is obviously meant to imply a sexual relationship, but without love. Maybe the opposite of love.
    "You choked/But I will not be as weak as your throat/I don't care/I was on your side/As soon as we met"
    I think is directly implying choking during fellatio and he's saying he doesn't care because as soon as they met he was right there next to her wanting sex, and he wasn't going to be "weak" about his demands.
    He hears her "complain" about being hurt before, but he doesn't care, he aggressiely convinces her to have sex with him, knowing that he'll leave at the first chance.
    "I've known pain/but never as much as on my first day"
    Is her talking about losing her virginity
    "I don't care/I do not remember it/Soon I'll forget this as well"
    Is his response to her, not caring that he hurt her, and not caring that he wouldn't even remember it.
    "you are't going to live through this"
    Is meant to emphasize how not only is this a very brief sexual relationship, but also that her heart will not live through what he knows he's done to her.
    "But I will be over/As soon as I can"
    At this point is meant to be sarcastic, because now he knoes that she knows that he really doesn't give a shit.
    "Soon as we turn in"
    May be the offer that he might actually show up again if she offers to go to bed with him again.
    destirinityon November 07, 2007   Link

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