No, I sent you that letter To ask you if the end was worth the means Was there
really no in between? And I still don't feel better I just wondered if it
could be like before And I think you just made me sure! But then that's
typically you And I might have been a bit rude But I wrote it in a bad mood
I'm not being funny with you But it's hard to be engaging When the things you
love keep changing Brassneck, Brassneck I just decided I don't trust you
anymore I just decided I don't trust you anymore First time you came over
Do you remember saying then you'd stay for good? No I didn't think you would
Well we couldn't've been closer But it was different then and that's all in
the past There I've said it now at last! You grew up quicker than me I kept
so many old things I never stopped quite hoping I think I know what it means
It means I've got to grow up It means you want to throw up Brassneck, Brassneck I just decided I don't trust you anymore I just decided I don't trust you anymore I just
know, you weren't listening were you? Oh please go, whenever you prefer to I
said it means a lot, when you use an old phrase But then so what? We can't
have it both ways I know, you're not bothered are you Even so, I'm not going
to argue He won't object! Keep writing to me Just don't forget you ever knew

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Brassneck song meanings
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    General Comment

    The Wedding Present are not really a Manchester band - Dave Gedge is from Leeds and while he grew up on the wrong side of the border he returned to West Yorkshire - and and it is from West Yorkshire that he gets the expression Brassneck which is a term used to describe brazen people around here.

    One might say "That Peter has a real brassneck doing that." It is not often used in a positive way - to be a brassneck is not considered a good thing - but it does mean confident or perhaps aggressively confident perhaps. Simon Arimitage - the West Yorkshire poet - has a poem called Brassneck about pick pocket thieves which illustrates the meaning of the term.

    Also - It is all A, D and G and dead easy to play :)

    michaelwoodon September 10, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    Another song about Sally? No one does angry bitterness like bands from Manchester and no one does it better that The Wedding Present - By far one of the best songs that anyone has ever written!!!

    LadyStardust74on July 22, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Great song, I think the meaning is pretty obvious here but but I have to agree with LadyStardust74, it really captures the angry bitterness felt when a relationship ends in this way, and i think anyone who has been in this situation (and who hasnt), where a relationship has ended but you just cant seem to let go will be able to relate to the lyrics. 'You grew up quicker than me, I kept so many old things, And never quite stopped hoping' sound familiar anyone?

    The only thing i'm not sure about is the title, i understand brassneck is the name of a cartoon robot from a comic strip, not sure how this relates to the song though, anyone got any ideas??

    paulyb263on January 09, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    ^^ what a chump!

    top5recordson January 09, 2007   Link

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