"I Need You Like This Hole in My Head" as written by and Gordon Sumner....
Lady Dolphin and her dolphin beau
Were swimming out to sea one day
All the other lady dolphins smiled
But they were smiling in that subtle dolphin way

So they pretended that they'd pay it no mind
But she was female, of the jealous kind
She couldn't stand it - not to ask him why
She could see that he was flattered by the twinkle in his eye

She said, "How much do you need me?
How much do you need me?
Would you stay with me till this ocean floor is dry?
But if you cannot find the words that say
I'm the only one you love that way
I guess we'll have to say goodbye."

He said, "My love for you is wider than the wide Sargasso Sea
There ain't no bigger number, I know, but
I never counted every ripple on the sea."

He said that words had never failed him yet
"But before our future course is set
I have to find a way to win you, dear
But there's two atmospheres of pressure on me here"

"How much do I need you? How much do I need you?
Can't seem to find the words to make you stay
But remember all the things I've said
That I'll love you till the day I'm dead
'Cause I need you like this hole in my head
I need you like this hole in my head

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"I Need You Like This Hole in My Head" as written by Gordon Sumner

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I Need You Like This Hole in My Head song meanings
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    General CommentSo you see that he always understood the complexity of the situation.
    It's not brain surgery. The questions is, what is the game?
    You know what the game is--you just find it frustrating.
    That's right and so is the "I need you like this hole in my head." That's quite true. Who's writing this script? Can I talk to him or her or it?
    No. You'd want to be quick and quick is boring, little speed freak.
    There's something strange about disliking havoc only to watch yourself trying to chase it down. Gives new meaning to the word "allure". Good thing we're done with this.
    When did you get a crystal ball?
    Don't need one.
    Yes, my sweet, you do but I'm not giving you one for Christmas or your birthday so don't give me the eye.
    I won't. I think you're bluffing. You would.
    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe Dolphins soundtrack, featuring songs and music by Sting was released by Pangaea Records in April, 2000. The Dolphins film score was composed by Steve Wood, who has written fourteen film scores for MacGillivray Freeman Films' giant screen productions. Wood's credits include Everest and The Living Sea, a popular soundtrack that also featured the music of Sting.

    Wood combined his original compositions with Sting's to create a joyful-sounding film score that features the music and musicians of the film's two principal locations. The smooth, friendly-sounding percussion of the Caribbean Islands blend well with the passionate, lively tones of Argentina. Wood and partner Daniel May even transforms "Every Breath You Take" into a dusky dolphin tango during one of the film's more amorous scenes.

    Dolphins contains one song written for the film by Sting, called "I Need You Like This Hole in My Head," as well as "Fill Her Up" and "Ghost Story." You'll also recognize the cuts "Englishman in New York," "Straight to My Heart," "Be Still My Beating Heart," and "When We Dance." Country star John Berry lends his talents on the lively "Every Breath You Take".
    sillybunnyon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love this one!
    First, because I love dolphins.

    Second, because I like the play with words. I've always liked it when Sting's titles sound so different from what the song really means. When you only read the title, you would assume it means that "I don't need you at all" for, really, who of us needs a whole in their head? But when you hear/read the whole story, it suddenly means the total opposite, namely "You're everything! I need you like the air I breathe"!

    The "hole" in a dolphin's head is its nose; their nose is not in the front of their faces like with most other mammals, just in case you hadn't known. *biologylessonisover*
    WhiteWolfDiefon March 07, 2010   Link

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