"This Cowboy Song" as written by and Gordon Sumner....
We rode all night across an endless desert
We had no moon to light our way
And though a million stars were slowly turning
We lacked the consciences to pray

Our horses running like a devil chase us
Their feet, they hardly touched the ground
Yes, I'm familiar with a grey wolf howling
But I'm certain I never heard that sound
Devil to pay on judgement day
Would Jesus strike me down if I should pray?
This cowboy song is all I know
To bring me back into your arms
Your distant sun, your shining light
You'll be my dog-star shining tonight

I've been the lowest of the low on the planet
I've been a sinner all my days
When I was living with my hand on the trigger
I had no sense to change my ways
The preacher asked if I'd embrace the resurrection
To suck the poison from my life
Just like an existential cowboy villain
His words were balanced on my knife
Devil to pay, on judgement day
Would Jesus strike me down if I should pray?

This cowboy song is all I know
To bring me back into your arms
Your distant sun, your shining light
You'll be my dog-star shining tonight

Every night
Every night
All my distances afar

This cowboy song, is all I know
To bring me back into your arms
This cowboy song, this cowboy life
I'll be your dog-star shining tonight


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"This Cowboy Song" as written by Gordon Sumner

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    General CommentGrr--rr--rr--rrff!
    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHey stranger, don’t be bashful
    This party ain’t select
    Though you’re a simple tenderfoot
    The boys here won’t object [yeah, right ...]
    Come on you over yonder, a’talkin’ to yer dog
    This ain’t no lunatic asylum [no?]
    Come let’s have a clog
    So you don’t know how it’s done, eh?
    Yer modest, that is all
    Come let’s start the music
    Now cowboy, balance all
    Start out—yer up against it
    Roll out and split the breeze
    Shake off the lint that’s in yer clothes
    A little faster please
    Hear them fiddles?
    Haint they great? Sufferin’ land o’lawdy
    On yer toes, sweet. Show yer style
    Come a’steppin’ gawdy
    Comes a raging down the line
    Whoop-a-lorum! Let ‘er!
    Seems to me there’s little that makes a heart feel better
    Morning time is miles away
    Never ‘spect to hit the hay
    She’s a’waitin’
    Wake up, there!
    Promenade all! You know where!
    sillybunnyon July 28, 2006   Link
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    General Comment[Sting]: This Cowboy Song follows on from that song I wrote last year, 'Love is Stronger than Justice (The Munificent Seven)'. It's an outlaw song about the existential cowboy becoming repentant of his days in the saddle, and dealing with the concept of growing older, death or religion or - I don't know what he's really concerned about, but he's decided he needs to pray and he hasn't got the words with which to pray. All he has is this cowboy song. There's a bit of me in there. As I get older I feel the need to commune with whatever's beyond the grave, but I haven't been trained to do that. Or I'm not really happy with the equipment that was given to me. We made a very funny video in Almeira in Spain where they made all the spaghetti westerns. It's totally intact as it was. We had great time, dressed up as cowboys with gun battles and saloon brawls. It was like being nine years old. We were so happy.
    sillybunnyon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSometimes she sank—sometimes she swam
    Until she came to the miller’s dam
    Oh, draw the dam, cried the miller’s son
    Here’s either a mermaid—or a swan!

    The moon’s my constant mistress
    And the lovely owl—my marrow
    The flaming dragon and night crow
    Make me music to my sorrow
    With a host of furious fancies
    Whereof I am commander
    With a burning spear and horse of air
    To the wilderness, I wander

    I’ll crow against the dog star—arf!
    I’ll crow away the morning
    But I’ll find mad, merry Mistral
    And seek what ere betides ‘er
    And I will love—beneath or above
    The fairy dust that hides ‘er

    True love is a durable fire
    In the mind—ever burning
    Never sick—never dead—never cold
    From itself—never turning
    sillybunnyon September 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSirius is the brightest star in the nighttime sky, with a visual apparent magnitude of -1.46. It is located in the constellation Canis Major. Its name comes from the Latin sirius, from Greek (seirios, "glowing"). It is situated in the eye of the greater dog Canis Major, therefore it is known as the Dog Star.
    sillybunnyon September 13, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is a song about living on the edge, experiencing depression, transgressing social norms for survival, and ultimately finding redemption in religion.
    Roberto14on June 15, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think sillybunny pretty much explained it all, but since I'm familiar with the entire album Ten Summoner's Tales, I think I get the whole story.

    In the prequel song "Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)", there are seven brothers who all share the same father, but their mothers are different. The song takes the first-person perspective of one of the brothers. He says that he and his brothers ended up in Mexico where a town is pleading them to help take down a bunch of bandits threatening their town. They are promised beautiful women if they help, but when the brother finds out there's only one woman in the town after they've saved the city from the bandits, he plots to kill his brothers. The song never explains how he kills them, but the song does confirm that they're dead. ("And though there used to be brothers seven, the other six are singing in Heaven.") This song is also interesting in that it is in a 7/4 time signature. (Except in the chorus, which is normal 4/4 time.)

    So I think in This Cowboy Song, especially in the second verse, he regrets killing them, as well as other poor life choices that he made. He thinks about becoming Christian, except he believes that not even Christ himself would accept him after the horrible atrocities he's committed. However, he has "This Cowboy Song" to sing which helps him to feel better. He feels the song gets him closer to whoever or whatever is in control of the afterlife.

    Additionally, some little trivia people might be interested in. According to my Japanese copy of Ten Summoner's Tales, the prequel song is based on an Akira Kurosawa film, or at least a spoof of the name "The Magnificent Seven".
    MusicFoxon February 20, 2016   Link

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