"I'll Follow My Secret Heart" as written by and Noel Coward....
Written by noel coward

Don't be afraid I'll betray you
And destroy all the plans you have made
But even your schemes must
Make room for my dreams
So when all I owe you is pain
I'll still have something of my own
A little prize that's mine alone

I'll follow my secret heart
My whole life through
I'll keep all my dreams apart
Till one comes true
No matter what price is paid
What stars may fade above
I'll follow my secret heart
Till I find love

No matter what price is paid
What price is paid
I'll follow my secret heart
Till I find love

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"I'll Follow My Secret Heart" as written by Noel Pierce Coward Noel Coward

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I'll Follow My Secret Heart song meanings
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    General CommentThis was written by Noel Coward and covered by Sting on Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward.
    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIf I was a love goddess, I'd say I hope he find it. After all, we would have less war in the world if we had more love. Let's pretend I am and I will ... right this very second ... shower the planet with wonderful, glorious, exquisite love. There! I did it!
    Not everyone would like that.
    Like I care. Obviously someone has been freely spewing negativity and no one has gotten down on them plus love is love. Don't want it--don't take it. You know what the problem is? Love is just not thrilling enough for some people so I'll add--what?--a little ....
    A little what?
    It's best not to dilvulge family receipes that have been passed down for eons ....
    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment“Don't be afraid I'll betray you”

    You know, I could worry about betrayal.
    Okay, fine.
    But you handle it so well. You are such a warrior—and so very difficult to combat.
    Yeah, right ….
    No, truly you are. Facing betrayal, you simply grab it by the neck and scream—go ahead! Destroy me. Why do you care? You don’t. You’re bigger than me—just go ahead and do it, asshole. How does anything handle that from someone like you?
    Just fine if you ask me.
    Not so fine. Now look at life. Betrayal is part of the life game. I shudder to think of lesser anythings tangling with the likes of you.
    That’s another thing—you spew so much hogwash! I am nothing to tangle with!
    You got that right.
    You know what I mean!
    I do—you don’t. You may not win every fight—others may walk all over you as if you are cute little cobblestones but when push comes to shove, you redefine relentless and no matter where you’ve been tossed, you have the luck of the Irish—and always land feet first, my secret heart. …… Stop pretending you can’t hear me.
    sillybunnyon August 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentChopped red meats
    Still beat and twitch on the floor
    Of the museum of modern heart
    Where art and terror commingle
    It’s real theatre

    After three days, I must tell you this
    I still can’t erase that scene in October
    X standing there with his poems in his fist
    His blood and belly full of booze
    Staring us down
    The gentle audience …

    His distain
    And his hurting—so hard
    Behind that lovely face
    As I think of it now
    My heart still aches
    I tried to get him out of my head
    Nowadays everything happens at once
    We’re in agreement about that
    In fact we’re both part of the same big that
    So have a heart
    It won’t hurt you

    Tom Clark—John’s Heart [paraphrased]
    sillybunnyon September 11, 2006   Link

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