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    General CommentDespite being a neo-classical shredding song that could be compared to Malmsteen, it has a lot more of a sense of melody than your usual neo-classical shredding track. Plus, the playing is far more impressive than Malmsteen-kinda stuff... at least if you're an axeman yourself.

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    Eliminationon October 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI was reading an interview with him, and he's asked what this song means. This was his reply:

    "I could answer, but more importantly, what does it mean to you? For me, the song makes my fingers hurt - DJs don't have this problem. For this reason, turntables are cool, and guitars suck. Also, years ago, you could get more sex because you played guitar. Not anymore. Because that magic didn't last forever, guitars suck. Sure, I'm 60 pounds heavier and 20 years older and that *might* have something to do with it, maybe, possibly, but I'd rather blame the guitar. Yeah, it's the guitar's fault.

    Seriously, many guitarists devote their lives training to be their best, and it often goes unappreciated and has little benefit when trying to pursue a career in music. It can really wear you down. It's like loving a woman that doesn't love you back. We do it because the love is inside us and we must give it. Sometimes love stinks. In this case, guitars suck.

    There were times I had felt this way, like I gave too much of my life to something that didn't give as much back. Then I'd go and play, and it would bring me peace. We push the limits and challenge ourselves, and even if it doesn't have huge career value, it has huge personal value. The song "Guitars Suck" is challenging - playing it means you've chosen a path of commitment and dedication, and *you* decide what your own goals are worth to your own spirit. That's really what the song means. It's about climbing to the top of your own mountain."

    The first paragraph is hialrious. =P
    The rest... I wouldn't have imaged it was so deep; but he's right. I can sometimes relate to what he's saying, about putting too much time into the guitar and feeling it's not paying you back.
    Eliminationon October 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWow. All that out of an instrumental piece?
    Naw, it's not *just* an intrumental piece...

    But hey, that just about clarifies what the title means in relation to the song. 'Cause I've wondered.
    That explanation is so cool
    Some_3517on October 18, 2006   Link

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