...but by this time you see
mandy;s made her choice, and she was engulfed in it
and the clock did strike
and the walls did shift
as the neighbors gave away their cannon balls (fire on a friendly ship,
murder on a subway car)
and these things dont happen
not here not now
and these things dont happen
my babys still a virgin

though her teeth are brown and busted
but shes gotten used to it. shes used to it.
shes down, crouched to the floor, she hates thinking that, shes lost
control. but the ground she walks, is paved in it. and there;s no way to stop it now
just think?
..did you always see in the little bit?
..always squeeze just a little bit?
..see the stars and their little waists?
..think in sizes and measurments?
but shes been losing a little bit
and hes been losing a little bit
i think i could manage that
i know id stay in control of it
but i saw the rider in black and white
oh my justice has made me right.
I am the rider.
ive got a secret and im not telling ive got a secret and no one knows but me

(cold raining day in a New Hampshire Suburb Village. a mother, buries her only child)
oh misery, let me come where she does go,
see what she may see.
...oh and its mandy i know,
theres a pain in your smile
and a guilt in your step
as you run another mile
to get as far as you can
from the pain and the guilt
baby come home

the rider: no
her mother: yes
the rider: no

(flashback to Mandy Breckenridge in front of mirror in bedroom)
make make make me like that
(its the ghost in the brain
and the shadow behind me)

no please make me like that
with the long slender legs
and the way you see my hips
when i lift up my shirt.
yes please give me that body i see
wehn i read magazines
cause im not enough anymore.

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Le' Dernier Cri (Pt. 2) song meanings
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