Farce has taught
the rats to crawl
ignoring the scarecrow
creeping down rabbit holes

is that shadow a rider
inebriated in moonlight
hidden under a hundred ads for hips and tits
that she cannot separate

mandys got her finger down her throat
she cant see lines, lies or escape routes
all the lights are punched out
and its rightside up
its the wrong side
left side wrong its the right side
upside down is the top side
the good side dies on all sides
but he saved me

now breath
through brush, see the clearing...
creep and stare at this bathroom floor that ive died on
at the tiles cold and bare
its amazing the depth of the chalk lines
how they run parallel to my viens
and they look, how they look
on cover girls
flipping through pages theyre cursing the rider
theyre swearing disaster and mourning a martyr
fuck what you knew of me beautiful razor
flip pages faster now play the tape backwards
to when i felt them creeping and i felt them staring
and i felt them poking and i felt them laughing

over and over again

and the rider said wont you take me, take this hand. i need you.

Just play the tape backwards (flashback)
(do you remember 1999
it was summer then,) the two of us sat on a ferris wheeel
and as it rose, something new
take this hand my hand im sorry dont you know i lose my head,
when i see those eyes your eyes your skin so soft i mean it must be. can i kiss you, no dont answer, i mean, if you want. but no im sorry, you mustnt listen, i promise someday ill be funny, charming, devonair

but only tenths of windows show, weakness and obsession grow
for time when i was on my own
round and round the ferris wheel, hold my hands ill hold it in
and we can make a whole new will to life
(flashback ends)

now strut, yeah shes got it, yeah thats right
ive got a secret and im not telling ive got a secret and
its.... all....mine
shes known witches and and shes seen horror
shes not scared to die

but the girl with the long brown hair
with eyes so blue and skin so fair
OH GOD can it be
my babys staring up at me
OH GOD its my mandy
my baby made the grade
of a harlot with the smell of bile
a harlot, all she can be
a harlot, and the witch

can be is
110 to 95

Lyrics submitted by sarabroc

Le' Dernier Cri (Pt. 1) song meanings
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