Imagine this, Jamie was the girl she's all alone
On her way home she's in her own time zone
Depressed cause everyone around her just wants go
Nobody got no time to sit and talk to her no mo'
Little did she know she was being followed
Richie was the boy that had no love in his soul
He walked up behind her and cracked Jamie in the skull
And knocked her in the mud and then raped her in the cold

Now she’s beaten and destroyed
Her soul is just a void
Why did Richie do that to her cause he was raised from a boy
To take what you want and hurt those who have it
And if you don’t your daddy’s gonna beat you god damnit
So that’s what he did a confused little kid
With the mind of his daddy that a woman is a bitch
And you hate that bitch and you rape that bitch
Because your daddy’s rich you can’t escape that shit now

Richie had a sister you can only imagine
Living with Richie and her dad there was never any laughing
Only fighting and grabbing only biting and stabbing
Only crying and asking why do I live with these bastards
And now she’s lost her daddy has her brain programmed
That she is the devil and that god is a man
And she is the slave to their devilish ways
And she must take the secret of what Richie did to her grave

And so she sits in her room until the middle of the night
She makes a choice and decides to get daddy’s 45
She knows how to use it that’s a rule of the house
She goes into Richie’s room and she shoved it in his mouth
Blam, blood all over her hands and face
She didn’t even flinch it was her form of release
Daddy heard the sound and went to the room and busted in
She shot him, put it to her head and pulled the trigger again

She pulled the trigger again and she died for him

See, people don’t wanna except what they’ve done
They don’t wanna except, the things that actually happen in this world
People always ask us what we mean by demons, like what we’re saying
And it’s like it’s obvious what we’re saying mother fucker
I mean you can’t see these fucking demons, everywhere we look we see these demons
And all we can do is, continue to make our shit fresh
And to live honorably, and if we can live as honorably as we possibly can
We can fucking make some kind of difference in this fucked up world, ya know what I’m saying
Nobody wants to except that shit, everybody has their own evil deeds
And they say that the devil, it’s the devils job to fucking
Take care of that shit and handle that shit and to punish the evil
And I say fuck that, because it makes me fucking pissed what they did
Why the fuck can’t I do something about it
I’m a vigilante mother fucker, that’s what you can call me a vigilante
Because I’m taking justice into my own hands
When I take that fucking axe, and I use it, I have it blessed
And I use it to destroy these demons, and people say
People always tell me there’s no such thing as demons they don’t exist on earth
It’s like look at your abusive fucking husband ya know what I’m saying
Look at the evil tax attorney who robbed you of everything that you had and laughed about it with his buddies
They’re our demons, and we’re here to protect the meek
Cause everyone the meek will inherit the earth
And they don’t wanna except that, they fear that

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    General Commentits about how things like rape and abuse and ruin someone lifes and how bad people bring others down
    VegaTDMon March 06, 2008   Link
  • 0
    General Commentits about how things like rape and abuse and ruin someone lifes and how bad people bring others down
    VegaTDMon March 06, 2008   Link

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