You want to catch your breath you want to get out
But as you surface you don't really know how
How to live upon the solid ground
Sometimes it's easier to let yourself drown


You cannot spell it out there are no words
Mrs Johnson never taught me those verbs
On how to give myself and how to receive
It is something that's inside of you and me


Forget everything you ever learned
No one listens when you want to be heard
Just bleed the bittersweet

Seven sunrises and seven more nights
You'd think that we could learn to do it right
If nothing changes then I'm gonna stop
But do I really have a choice?
I think not

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    General CommentShe is describing the chaos of love. It is powerful, which can be good and bad. Love is not perfect and is made better by mistakes and it cannot be controlled.
    CrypticDreameron August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with crypticdreamer except for one thing. Love is perfect. but people perceive it in different ways. You can love someone with all your heart but you can also love nachos or something. The word love can be so easily thrown around. There is so much depth to love and thats why sometimes it feels like we are caught in this mess. and its thick like she says. can something so meaningful and deep not be perfect?
    musicmason11on February 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhat I get out of this song is basically this:

    Love, romantic or platonic, is not a picnic. It can be thick and heavy in our lives -- it gets difficult and complicated and painful, and oftentimes it seems like life would just be easier without it. Sometimes it seems to constrain us. And yet we feel this inexplicable pull towards it ("we cannot spell it out, there are no words"). We are human, and we love. It's in our blood (the double meaning of saying love is "thick like blood"), and we can't really avoid it. "If nothing changes then I'm gonna stop / but do I really have a choice? / I think not," describes it perfectly.

    Love is a gift and a consequence of being human, so "just bleed the bittersweet." It will always be there.
    Woggson June 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree with CrypticDreamer.
    Musicmason11, you asked how something so meaningful and deep as love could not be perfect.

    Well, nothing in life is perfect. Relationships are not perfectly smooth, just as a flower's petals are not perfectally straight and glass is not perfectly smooth. (There are millions of bumps and indents, amazingly.)

    I think "perfection" is a term that humans came up with because we are hardly ever satisfied, and it's really just a faraway thought. Besides, anything that was ever perfect would be incredibly dull, don't you think? LIVING is not doing everything right, it's making mistake after mistake and learning and growing.
    Perfection does not exist, and the real beauty of everything lies in it's flaws. Why is love so amazing if it is not perfect? You could look at it this way: Love is amazing BECAUSE it is not perfect. Because it can be strong enough to fill those voids and embrace those imperfections. Because love is powerful enough to overcome mistakes and flaws.
    ByeBye.Babyon August 04, 2008   Link

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