don't make me promise that i'll never ever leave you
i couldn't say it if i knew it wouldn't be true
don't make me promise that i'll never ever leave you
i couldn't say it if i knew it wouldn't be true
i wouldn't do it even if you knew that i lied
so just cherish every moment that i'm by your side
don't make me promise that i'll never ever leave you
i couldn't say it if i knew it wouldn't be true

man, i made it back, didn't think it'd happen, didn't think i'd last
against that attack, it was a lot of sword clappin' happenin' too fast
we didn't expect they'd be protected by some samurai
they came correct and we got wrecked, i'm surprised more didn't die
the lord assured us it'd be a breeze, we show up, they'll be on their knees
then we'd seize all the rice and wheat and anything else we pleased
i guess the farmers thought they'd finally had enough
well i don't blame 'em i always thought the lord had been too rough
we probably had it comin', justice is always served in the end
won't pretend that we treated the farmers like they was a friend
but i ain't got a choice, a soldier ain't got a voice
go to battle at the lord's command, doesn't matter if i understand
used to be uneasy feelin' sleazy i ain't without regrets
wish i could undo a bad action or two, things i'd rather forget
but my path is set, and it's too late now for me to change my course
i will just have to accept that i can't live a life without remorse

son, i gotta tell you, the only way i made it out
was thinkin' of you and your moms when i was in doubt
i wanna be here when you're swingin' swords instead of sticks
i wanna be here watchin' you get chased around by chicks
that was all i could think of even in my darkest bind
facing certain death, all i had was family in my mind
suddenly i had a surge of strength that i had never known
that's when i knew there was no stoppin' me from gettin' home

oh, how i'd like to just be here as you grow
takin' it slow, becomin' a pro, like me some time ago
to you all my wisdom i'd bestow, everything i've learned would be yours to know
one day you'll be great, my son, and i know you'll be respected by everyone
and when i'm done, promise that you will watch over our family land
that the house of our ancestors will remain grand
i know you understand the worth of where you stand
cuz when you're runnin' around, i can tell that you feel blessed
and i could happily rest, knowin' you'll never fail our family crest
now you know it won't be long til i have to fight again
and i wouldn't know who or why or when, but i know someday it'll have to end
cuz i've already seen the face of death too many times before
and i've lived through my fair share of wars
someday i'll meet death when the time is right
maybe i'll be brave enough not to fight
and when i am walking into that light
i'll be at peace, cuz i know with you everything will be alright

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The Fortunate Soul Who Made It Home song meanings
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