out in the road i find the high noon pleasin'
these winds is cold it's almost typhoon season
ride to the next city, just me and my crew
the sun is out we gots a real nice view
birds is chirpin' as i'm countin' some deer
i think i could see fuji mountain from here
the ground is smooth, we should remember this road
eh yo, slow down man, you got the slenderest load
just take your time, we're savoring the scenery
the neighboring serene and all the waivering of greenery
it really is a dream to see, that's no doubt
and i'm glad to find out these crops survived the long drought
i gamble but i wouldn't have played with the odds
these farmers must've definitely prayed to the gods
they're taking all the wheat and rice inside
same deal every year, they take it all in stride
the stables is busy, the doors opened wide
because taxes is comin', so they hope and hide
all they can for they selves, these landlords is brutal
with their samurai armies, resistance is futile
the lord of this region's been reputed to loot
and he'll pillage your village and then give you the boot
it's tough livin' out the life and times
of farmers in strife and crimes by
honored officials with no reason to their rhymes
leavin' barely enough for these cats
against they wish, in fact, what type of ish is that

out in the road i find the high noon pleasin'
these winds is cold it's almost typhoon season
goin' where we goin' there's no knowin'
if the danger is growin' which way the wind is blowin'
or if it's snowin' or if we'll come across a crow
that's crowin' and bad omens are flowin'
we'll pray for any mercy gods might be showin'
if they show any mercy at all to travelers in the fall
who haul their livelihoods and call no place home
but just crawl from land to land in small but tight bands
of companions who ride tall through every place they roam
and as the day turns to night and the light is less bright
well ignite a fire and recite tales of fright
and delight in reminiscing of sights we found exciting
and we might just figure everything will be alright
and maybe it's just me but i think we'd all agree
that in everything from this tree to the sea's a deity
and gee, they're just about as pure as can be
and to see the beauty in 'em is the key to being free

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