well done, congrats to everyone
y'all finished the school for samurai but learning's just begun
true, you've all become masters of the sword
and the truth of the aim of your arrows can't be ignored
furthermore, you're well-versed in poems and scholar tomes
and your decorum well-rehearsed for palaces and taller homes
out in the world, you know your skills have got your back
but they won't clear the path ahead of you - it's experience that you lack
matter fact, that sword of yours won't do you much good
if all you're gonna be is hired muscle in the hood
just battle who you're told, motives need not be understood
not reflecting on past actions like that shoulda coulda would
but check it, you've been givin' talents with the blade
so don't wreck it, just for that chance of gettin' paid
travel 'cross these lands and search for a higher call
lose all of your desires or you will desire all
learn from every small or big mistake
every task you undertake, every challenge and then
burn into your mind the consequences of your acts
keep track of all the facts
and you'll finally see the world for what it is
that a samurai degree gets you more than a bloody biz
you get the opportunity to fight for a world ideal
with the opportune ability to wield your cause through steel
for real, you've all been given a duty to do
but where your alliance lies is completely up to you
remember, things ain't ever as simple as they seem
behind every crazy plot is another hazy scheme
you never know if you're playing for the right team
so don't trust any regime, let your instincts reign supreme
and if you're in a state where you unsure of your fate
just set your mind straight, clear your thoughts and meditate
whether you fight for the sovereign or choose to defend the poor
take the virtues of the samurai as you walk out the door
let them always be your guide whenever you become unsure
let them always be your cure when you think you can't endure:
rectitude, correctly conclude the right decision
on a mission don't include your mood or attitude
through rectitude, you don't even always have to wreck the dude
think before you swing that sword, no need to be crude
just keep your fortitude and courage, confront every fear
never steer clear of danger just 'cuz danger is near
don't just disappear at the mere sight of a spear
be a pioneer and persevere through every frontier
and have benevolence, let your compassion have some prevalence
be charitable to others - your own needs lie in irrelevance
respect every being, every sect
be mindful of differences don't judge others with inferences
honestly, you might as well just be a ninja
if you find out that can't operate with honesty
or honor, and that don't mean
chasing fame just 'cuz you want her
have respect for your family name or you're a goner
and finally there's loyalty
treat everyone who's close to you like royalty
give all that you have in defending our nation
without hesitation reveal your dedication
so that's that, remember all your virtues
keep adding to your training and you'll find no one can hurt yous
there's mad traveling so get a pair of dirt shoes
and visit your old master if you ever wanna blurt news
now celebrate with your schoolmates
cuz maybe one day you'll be part of dueling states
in the future y'all may not see eye to eye
but from now on, you'll all always be samurai

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A Message From The Master To His Pupils On Graduation Day song meanings
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