PC Speaker:
fuck the M-P-double-A comin straight out the underground
a young pirate got it bad cause I'm down,
loadin DVDs like a motherfuckin fiend,
bring my camera to the movies and I put em on BT,
back all that stolen content up on DVD-ROMs,
cause my tip's been piracy since I dropped out my Mom's,
and just because I share my MP3s,
they got the government comin after me,
instead of suin kids why don't you step on up,
and release a couple albums that don't completely suck,
stop puttin DRM onto audio CDs,
that don't make it any harder to steal your MP3s,
if I want your shit for free, I ain't gonna have to pay,
and all your bullshit is why the fuck I say,
hack the Gibson, hack the Gibson,
I'm seedin BitTorrents like a digital pimp, son

fuck the M-P-double-A
fuck the R-I-double-A
fuck the suits behind the BSA
and fuck em all for the DMCA

Recycle Bin:
robot pirates, we get our shit for free,
parental advisory you'll never fuckin see,
been a couple years since I seen an FBI warning,
cut it out cause that shit's mad boring,
ya'll fuckin dumber than that bitch from bad boys,
step to the Bin and it's grandma's sex toys,
I'ma just keep fillin up muh drives,
the ones that disapear when the lawsuit arrives,
all you fuckin suits can suck my balls,
when you get done you gonna make some calls,
I better see some changes or it's time to fight,
you ain't gonna manage my digital rights

remember when anti-trust was the thing,
now you're set up for downloadin Sting,
treatin payin customers like criminals,
pens filled up with music nerd animals,
buyin off senators left and right,
my vote doesnt count in this fuckin fight,
on the 56k had hundreds of songs,
drives partitioned like asses in thongs,
now its gigs of illegal content,
if I get caught im joinin a convent
fuck what you heard, it's all a scam,
if they at your door burn em in a van,

they got dollar signs in their fuckin eyes,
with heads in-between politicians thighs,
fat checks endorsed by senators that lie,
pullin fake dollar losses straight outta the sky,
and i don't trust trusted computing,
they don't want it around to stop looting,
the internet is the only place you're still free,
if you disagree, just you wait and see,
you wanna lock down the web and throw away the key?
well, you better not touch my fuckin technology,
so back the fuck off or you're fuckin dead,
yellin 1337 on a motherfuckin fed

Lyrics submitted by L-Kyne

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    General CommentI'm just going to take a wild guess here; the song's a protest against the MPAA and the RIAA. :)
    fenrir7139on November 05, 2008   Link

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