Recycle Bin:
NES at the Shack is how I first got down,
Pops got a job, moved the fam to Sea-town,
checkin BBS's for my warez and porn,
around this time the mafia was born,
spendin mad hours getting buff in lord,
get with the tavern ho, show off my long sword,
couple years later, hit the Hotline scene,
waitin in queue is where I've never been seen,
got hooked up with fat accounts,
get my shit fast and in large amounts,
use my Cyrix chip to cook my meals,
laugh all you want, I'll own yo ass at Whacky Wheels,
got my emulators and a couple thousand ROMs
and all the F-Kiss from blah blah dot com,
now we got Torrents and bandwidth up to our necks,
looking back's crazy, but I wonder what's next

back in the day, Shufflepuck Cafe,
banner ads, gettin paid, ICQ, gettin laid,
back in the day, we knew Sulu was gay,
munchin numbers, runnin lodes, monochrome displays

back in the day, System 7.5,
had HyperCard stacks on my SyQuest drive,
once I got a modem I was never fuckin bored,
always dialin up a BBS to play me some LORD,
I stole my school's dial-up to get the internet,
had a copy of Ircle and no regrets,
chillin in #macfilez, leechin on bots,
it took nine years to get a download spot,
hours and hours, makin Marathon maps,
always on the run cause I set it to caps,
eventually I got a brand new Power Mac,
so fuckin fast, I almost had a heart attack,
ran a Hotline server on my school's T1,
"Win Ben Stein's Warez" was the name of that one,
Quake 3 Test in the computer lab,
never went to class cause that shit was a drag

back in the day, crusin through the DOS prompt
a litte modem action I got anything I want,
Blake Stone or some Duke 3D,
IPX Lan, dont fuck with me,
back in the day we had four buttons man,
Gravis GamePad til we lost our tan,
ZZT, where I made my first game,
shit was mad hot till Click n Play came,
up in the attic, it's Jumpin Flash,
all day long till a PlayStation crash,
pirated Thrill Kill, what a waste of time,
now I get why they trashed that crime,
we got nerd history, stories for days,
spit it how I lived it til this shit pays,
so back up off if you question the cred,
OG nerds, we'll cut off your head

PC Speaker:
back in the day, shit was the best,
I pirated Duke Nukem off a BBS,
a pimp with a 486 dx, deuce,
double piped to increase my juice,
Halloween Harry and Commander Keen,
nowadays, it seems like a wonderful dream
up in school, I'm on the LC 2s,
used the backdoor to drop right outta Foolproof
then one day, there was the internet,
and anything I wanted, I could easily get,
anytime I wanted A-double-P-Z,
just connect to H-O-T-L-I-N-E
click the banner, fourth word, seventh line,
log in and anything I wanted was mine,
I started up a server called "Industrial Strength,"
and got sued by the R-I-double-A,
but I was born into a new world of computers,
and we became the new generation of looters,
but I said it before, and I'll say it again,
it's like bein high just rememberin

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    General CommentI remember a lot of this! IRC's still going strong, of course.

    I still have my Commodore in the closet, though I haven't turned it on in a long while.
    PanteroBlancoon November 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPC Speaker is still a pimp.
    Cyborbon October 15, 2007   Link

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