So we've been doing this tour i guess this is the 5th show we've done tim and i

and this little song's been growing out, um, while we've been playing, sort of, a little story

and the little story i was in new york city, and um, i was walking down the streeeeeeet

and um, and i met this girl and i had asked her directions you know and she was, she was tiny you know

she wasn't, she wasn't young she was just tiny

and um...and i asked her directions and she said, oh thats the way down there walk over there go down there you walk over there you go down there and then your there something like that anyway....

but um, so i walked about 10 paces away and i was thinking...damn, that girl was fine

oh, i turned around to tell her so and ask her maybe her name or maybe if we should go and get a cup of coffee or some...thing

but i'm sure if i would've turned around to find her there i would've found out something but she talked so good but when i turned around she was gone

oh, she was gone....i didn't even get her name oh...i thought your face in my mind and your voice in my ear still echoes

oh, i bought a lovely flower standing where me met that day in hopes that you would return but no, no, no

i can't remember where i was going now

i can't remember where i was leading to or what lead me to you but...

always...and a weight inside my head the look of you the sound the way you cackled at me for not knowing where i was going

but always i cry.....slip away.........

the hands that pour, my hands on you again...wayyyyy

i beg oh, i beg oh see me please find me again....wayyyyy

i'm lost again...i sit here drinking coffee or water depending the time of day but

oh, you're with me like the ghost of a mother oh you're with me, like the pain of a father...oh

i wish i could call you something other than the girl that i saw then but...

i would recognize you in a second but heyyyy

only saw you for a minute maybe less i don't hold my hand where but i waited...honest

i'm lost, i'm lost i can't remember where i used to be but hey hey weighted by the memory of, the memory of love that never got born but hey

do i even cross your mind that way

with more than just a laughing

did you think as you walked away maybe you were....heyyyyy

oh i hope you did so heyyyyy

you would, you would have been feeling the same thing as i am now

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Little Thing (Luther College version) song meanings
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    General CommentI like this version over the live trax one from virgina
    AlpineValleyon November 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love when he sings DAMN! that girl was fine, then the crowd cheers.
    BatsintheBelfreyon January 02, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti wish i could find her for him! i mean, i know how that shit is! there was an instance i had like that too.... and what sucks is that there is NOTHING you can do.
    annajacobson July 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLetting love slip right through your fingers! God what a great song, sounds like he just started talking and everything just flowed out of him. The best description of love at first sight, too bad it was love at only sight.
    cellordoreon February 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe memory of a love that never got born- so sad, and he sings with such raw emotion throughout the whole song. my favorite dmb song, easily.
    tomster28on October 12, 2010   Link

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