It's so hard to say this to you
Once again my love fell through
How could I do this to you?
The last time I promised you
And you say

Well there's so much that I see when you are not around me
So many words that you say are contradictions
And how can you say you love me when you don't even seek to find me?
And I just want to set you free from these addictions.

You cry as I tell you
When did I?
Why did I?
How could I?
I sigh as I tell you all the things I used to do
And you say

Well there's so much I didn't see when you were not around me
And so many words that you said were contradictions
And how could you have said you loved me
When there were all those things I couldn't see?
Well I knew there was something up with you.

Something wrong
Something not right...

Is there anything I don't see when you are not around me?
Are any words that you say contradictions?
And do you still love me now?
Well I dont understand how
Can you forgive me somehow of these convictions?

And you forgive me endlessly
But I won't pretend to understand all of this
And you love me unconditionally
But I know I'll learn from this
I know I'll learn from this

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    General CommentI'm inlove with this song.
    Not sure but i think the focus in it is about a breakup, with the guy cheating on his girlfriend, and when he confessed about it during the breakup, she told him she knew it all along, but didnt want to believe it.
    And then ends it with her forgivement. With him not understanding why she is so forgiving, and loving. And then him repeating to himself that he will learn from this mistake he make.
    Puppetton December 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think in the first verse he is singing to God.
    and in the second verse is God singing back to him.

    and now he is confessing all of his sins, and apologizing and saying he still loves god. and god says "how can you say you love me when you don't even seek to find me?
    And I just want to set you free from these addictions."
    imtheleadon January 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt reminds me of when my boyfriend died. He was always very against drinking and driving, and he said he'd never do it. I always thought that he never would drink and drive, but then one morning, I was told that he had been killed in a car crash because he was drunk driving.
    I feel like he lied to me and contradicted himself. I know he loved, but I was so angry at him that after he was gone, i would turn this song up really loud and think that it was written about us because the lyrics fit into my life so well.
    contradictionson July 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOh man, this song could pertain to God.
    But it reminds me so much of my bf and how he got into drugs and drinking when he promised me he wouldnt. In contradiction to his past gfs i didnt abandon him.
    I cried when he told me all of his drug experidences but he loved me.
    Pretty much the song says how i keep forgiving him and "trying to set you free from these addictions"
    jenisetianaon October 14, 2008   Link

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