You know the King Klick yeah we got the bomb weed
We got the Southern Cali shit that makes your eyes bleed
Daddy X, D-Loc and that boy Johnny Richter
B-Dub, Big Pak, Lou, Munch the heavy hitter

Where’s the weed at, yo where’s the weed at?
It’s in my backpack but ya can’t touch that
Where’s the weed at, yo where’s the weed at?
I need to take a rip quick tell me where the weed’s at
Where’s the weed at, yo where’s the weed at?
You know I’m holdin’ always knowin’ where the weed’s at
So where’s the weed at, yo where’s the weed at?
Somebody gotta know where the mutha fuckin’ weed’s at

It’s harvest time I’m in my prime blowing hella smoke
I got the mountain side growing going out for broke
We got them hillsides saturated Koast II Koast
I got a sack in my sock and an ounce in my coat
I got a fat blunt in the case of my guitar
I got the flavor of the month chilling in a jar
I got that white house garden presidential suite
I got that NASA spaceship THC
I got some weed in my garage, under my bathroom sink
It’s in my icebox, living room by my TV
I got a nug on my desk, and in my dresser drawer
And when I’m rolling low my hidden stash is in the floor
Further more I got some back-up underneath the stairs
On a airplane flight I’m stashed down in my underwear
Wrapped in my sweaty balls, that’s why I’m flying high
You wanna take a lick trick, taste the good life?


Want to know where the weed’s at? Well I’ll give you a hint
Just follow the scent rising out of my tint
Or flowing out of the vents in a Linc’ Continent’
Or my drop Cadillac ‘cause I done did it again
I packed a blunt in the wind I’m leaving holding my lid
I only need five pounds but fucking call and get ten
Getting control of those ends, blowing smoke like the wind
I’m back to rolling in my bus, don’t even let me begin
‘Cause when I’m in it I’m in but when I’m out it I’m out
These cats I knew from back when still got it popping no doubt
I call a fifty a fin and the lair is my house
My number one rule there’s don’t show up unannounced
Ya gotta call before you roll through, get the all cool
I might be like, wait up yo I’ll call you
‘Cause no one knows what Johnny Richter’s got crackin’
But when it’s crackin’ you can tell ‘cause I pick up like “what’s crackin?’
And you ask


I got the bomb weeds you know I’m blowing hella tokes
I got the good shit that leave you laid up on the floor
I got them krypt nugs I got them big sacks
I got the type a bud that kicks you in your fucking ass
I got the type a weed that make you want to bug out
Without a doubt the type o shit that get you drugged out
We getting supa high
We getting supa ripped
We putting it down for all the weed smoking cliques
So where’s the weed at I need to roll a blunt
Pull that shit back, fill it up, don’t front, lick it up, stick it, burn it
Smoke it to the butt, finish that shit then roll another one up so


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    General CommentThis is ambrosia pierces favorite song in the whole world! And she cant wait to marry KmK!
    violentwon October 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commentif you dont know what this KICKASS song is about, you're retarded....
    or just way too high ;P
    lysisalotlikevegason January 13, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIntro Interpretation: D-Loc is explaining that the Kottonmouth Kings have potent Cannabis. They have Cannabis grown in Southern Cali that is sure to give you bloodshoot eyes. Everyone in the Kottonmouth Kings has this potent Cannabis.

    Chorus Interpretation: The Cannabis is located in Daddy X's backback, but you can't get into it without his permission. Johnny Rictor needs to take a hit from the bong, as soon as possible, so tell him where it's at. They always have Cannabis, and always know where it's located. One of them has to know where the Cannabis is located.

    Verse 1 Interpretation: Cannabis was recently harvested, dried, and cured, and now Daddy X is smoking it. In addition, he also has a large amount of Cannabis growing on a Mountain side, as well as on hillsides across the United States. He has a bag of Cannabis in his sock, and an ounce of Cannabis in his coat. He has a large hollowed out Cigar that he stuffed with Cannabis in his guitar case. He has the latest hit-strain of Cannabis in a glass jar. He has an indoor grow operation that is so sophisticated it might as well be made for the President. He has extremely potent Hash or Oil that will put your head in space. He also has Cannabis stored in his garage, under his bathrom sink, in his icebox, and in his living room, by his television. He's got a Cannabis bud on his desk, and a Cannabis bud in one of his dresser drawers. When he is starting to run low, no worries, because he has a hidden stash in his floor. Not only there, but under his stair case. When he's flying on a plain, he stores it in his underwear, next to his testicles. He then asks if any sexually promiscuous women would like to lick his testicles, to taste the weed.

    Verse 2 Interpretation: If you are wondering where the Cannabis is located, Johnny Rictor will give you a hint. Just follow the smell towards his tent. Or, follow the smoke that is pouring out of either his Lincon, or his Cadillac, because he frequently drives and smokes. He stuffs cigars with Cannabis even when it's windy outside. Don't leave him alone, come smoke with him. Five pounds of Cannabis is more than enough for him, but oh well, he'll get ten pounds, and be in control of the distribution. The wind blows air, and he blows smoke. In his tour bus, he's rolling a joint. People frequently try to come to his tour bus, to smoke with him, and sometimes he's there, but sometimes he's not. His old connections are still around, and still producing great Cannaibs. He explains that he refers to $50 dollars worth of Cannabis as a "fin", and he refers to his house as "the lair". His main rule is that you don't show up without him knowing in advance. You have to call him first, and get the approval. He might have to call you back, because he could be busy doing something else. But when he is free, he will answer the phone by saying "What's Crackin?"

    Verse 3: D-Loc has potent Cannabis, so you know he's smoking it. He's got a potent indica variety that will leave you feeling lethargic. He has premium buds, and large amounts pre-bagged for sale. He has the type that is more potent than you expected, and a very Sativa variety that may make you paranoid. Without a doubt, this is very potent Cannabis that is sure to leave you intoxicated. Him and the rest of the Kottonmouth Kings are getting very intoxicated, all for the stoners around the world. He then asks where the Cannabis is located, as he needs to roll a blunt. He unrolls the blunt wrap, fills it with a generous supply of Cannabis, licks the wrap, sticks it together, lights it, smokes it until it's gone, and then repeats the process.
    horrorbusiness89on April 23, 2009   Link

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