As I lay here on the wet grass
I watch the crystal-clear night sky
and play connect-the-dots with the stars.
Tracing images of a past that I must leave behind.
Memories unfold before me like a movie with you as the antagonist.
I watch as you played your games,
you played me for a fool.
Like a knife pushed deep through my ribcage.
Fade to black.
Why did you make me an accessory? Why was I pushed to the periphery? Like a knife pushed deep through my ribcage.
You caused this heart break.
The pieces cut deep, forever scarring me.
No amount of time will piece together my shattered glass heart.
No amount of time will fix this heart, it's broken.
I can't have you.
I don't need you.
I don't want you.
But I miss you...

Lyrics submitted by skylit eyes

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