Like the doctors we wanted to fix your heart
Well, my baby and I dance in my kitchen.
My baby is like a doctor,
She cures me when I'm sick.
Well, and you all are all the little doctors.
And I’m a doctor.

We’re the same, we’re the same.
It’s not our fault we’re to blame.
It’s our songs, it’s your job.
It’s the place where we’re from.
Some will notice some wont,
And some care but most don’t.
We know how it goes but we defiantly don’t.
Yeah, and it's true;
We’re shallow and scared but it's cool.

And I know that it’s cold.
And it's cold all alone in our houses,
When our houses are houses not homes.

Ask your parents, your friends, your siblings yourself,
Why we wait so damn long to ask for some help.
My sister Samantha reads books in her room,
While I keep my door locked when I'm writing for you.

Like my best friends you can tell I haven’t been myself.
Myself is you as a writer and other writers.
Like a writer you second guess every time you guess.
We keep guessing till our little heart stops,
Then it stops.

And it’s in the people you see at work everyday.
It’s in the people in the streets or in homes everyday.
It’s in my girlfriend on the phone, in her bed at night.
It’s in your boyfriend in the halls at your school.
Am I right?
And if we’re lucky to have met them and have something to share.
We get so wrapped up in timing, location and what’s fair.
You love it or you hate it,
And it’s somewhat the same.
You’re living and dying like everything, everyday.

We got problems.
Yeah, we got cancer.
We lose our girlfriends, our mothers, and our brothers.
Then we gain some friends and we love them for them.
And we’ll be great parents, great uncles, and cousins.
Our hearts are little clocks screaming tick tock, tick tock.
We go tick tick, tick tock.
Yeah, we all tick tock, tick tock.
An Apple is an apple.
And an apple is the same.
And an apple a day will keep these nightmares away.

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Apple. Apples. song meanings
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    General Commentextensive lyrics...
    I think they are mainly about how life is everyday, the ups and downs, and how we are living and dying at the same time
    saocoreon March 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think it's about how everyone's the same in the sense that we're all living and dying at the same time, and how we all have problems.
    alligatorxalligatoron February 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThese lyrics honestly blow me away.
    It's all true. Every bit of it.
    cheap_noveltyon September 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhat a genius fucking song.

    "it's cold all alone in our houses, when our houses are houses not homes."

    lagwagon182on August 22, 2009   Link

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