I hate the sound, of every object
Of everything she could have touched,
( Of everything she could have touched )
But I keep them anyway, Oh please help me out
Please help me out ladies and gentlemen !

I know I can touch the surface but she’s underwater
It’s kinda strange cause, the fire still burns underwater !

The day, or the night I don’t bother
It feels like a forseable murder
In wich I am no more the killer
But the Cure !

Oh David you know this is urgent
This is urgent ladies and gentlemen !

We had to find a way to understand all the moves
That she wanted me to dance
We had to find a way to kill the sound of the voice
Telling me how much you’re worth

And then I’ve burned my hopes
Pretending it was nothing more

( Spoken part )

Ok ladies and gentlemen
If you can take something out of this
This is like a learning process
Now you can close your eyes and take a breath
Let’s pretend we’re wearing the same skin
You are holding the mike
There will be like a connection or something...

( Back to singing )

I got something in my neck
It feels like everything she could have done
It’s cold and rough and
It reminds me the way she use to speak...

Sing the words you don’t know
As we sing the sound from the Organ

You won’t remember where you go !
And where you were !
You won’t remember where you go !
And where you were !
You !

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The Universal Paradox VS The Red Organ song meanings
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