too many people acting so strange.
what is it all about?
sure hope they're happy now.
so much for seldom thoughts of frustration
to hold me over as you proudly get paid.
so easy i can do the testing.
you simply fake the score or you can trade it
for a 9 to 5 professional to let you know...
you're back where you started some time ago.
you brushed it off, it didn't stop you.
didn't bother me 'til now.
it's a change of direction.
we're seeing everyone pretending to be original
by being pigeon holed.
ascending high into the emptiness, we found a way
to fill the blank canvas sky.
so picture perfect are my choices.
to go the easy route, been hearing something about
a 9 to 5 professional to let me know...
i'm back where i started some time ago.

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    My Interpretationwow no comments huh? i think this song is about feeling regret after cheating on something like a test or something else that gets you the edge on your academics. the person pays someone to get him the answers so he can give it to a teacher (9-5 professional) but he feels regret afterwards because he isn't gaining anything that's going to help him in the long run (back where i started some time ago). he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he brushed that feeling off to "take the easy route" but that started to bother him later. he starts to see everyone that cheats as plagiarists and they're not accomplishing much either as they're "ascending high into the emptiness."
    jasonthomas88on November 08, 2008   Link

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