And the sky is falling upwards
On a summer desert night
While kids in school are forced to sing
The battle hymns just right
And the extras paid to get excited
On the TV screen
So doped up on diversion
That they don't know what it means

To be free to hate the ones you hate
Free to love the ones you love
Free to like the land you live on
Not the one who leads
All I'm sayin', dig the grave you lay in
After all, you make the call
Hang up before its too late

Make sure to give your full attention
Smile the best you can
Watch this hand give peace sign
While the other chokes a man
Cause he wants to love another man
They'll tell you that its bad
Cause some book that set the moral codes
Is glamorized in ads

And the back flipping, spike-haired preachers
Preaching through their headset mics
Saying God is the new Elvis and
He's gonna rock tonight
So just sip on that new energy drink
Although it tastes like shit
Cause a pretty t.v. couple
Says they can't live without it

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"Paid to Get Excited" as written by Butch Walker

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    General CommentMost artists in genearl are liberal, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing (althought I'm more conservative), but Butch's views on pop culture and soceity in genearl come out in a tongue-in-cheek way in this song. =] The premise is that a lot of people act on how outside influences affect our lives, rather than just doing everything based on what we believe. Butch weighs in on the brevity of politics in everything we do, notably skewed views of teachers, preachers, and the media. It's basically saying be true to yourself, and don't change your views because you think they don't fit with everybody around you. Obviously the whole gay marraige controversy is touched on, which Buch is impartial and indifferent to. I don't necessarily agree with gay marraige or think it should be allowed, but if that's what people want, then it's going to happen, so I'm not closed minded about the situation at all. The song says to just live your life and not be concerned with events beyond your control, just like my example I just mentioned. Butch is just saying don't be a victim of sensationalism and just follow your heart.
    thapetdetectiveon June 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBeing true to yourself is one of the main aspects of this song, but I'm going to point out some of the others. He touches on hypocracy.
    "watch this hand give peace sign
    while the other chokes a man"

    More than just being about the gay marriage issue, it's pointing out the hyporacy in some of the more, shall I say rabid, practictioners of Christianity, whom are supposed to love everyone.

    Moreover, I think he might be annoyed with the way some preachers seem to try to make God and Religion "cool"... though if he's annoyed at the youth for not paying attention if it's not cool, or at the preachers for using such tactics, I couldn't say.

    I'd also like to point out that this song especially points out how much Butch has grown as a songwriter. Letters is a good album, yes, but most of the content isn't very deep. Granted this song isn't a 42 or anything, it still shows some more depth than most stuff on the last CD.
    TheSilverNobleon April 20, 2007   Link

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